Urgent Jubouri does not preside over a session of parliament to withdraw confidence from the al – Obeidi


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[Where – Baghdad]
decided to House Speaker Salim al – Jubouri, Thursday, non – chaired the session by introducing paragraph withdraw confidence from the Defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi.
A statement by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, ” The President of theHouse of Representatives decided not chaired the session by introducing the paragraph and defense minister.”
He pointed out that al – Jubouri , “leaving the option of the blocks in Parliament to decide to vote or delay on the issue of the defense minister.”

Urgent parliament votes on Articles IV and V of the General Amnesty


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[Oan- Baghdad]
The House voted to approve Article IV of the draft general amnesty law which was the subject of controversy between the parliamentary blocs, after holding many modifications.
Correspondent agency all of Iraq [where] that “the voice of parliament also approve the raw material and moved to sixth in the bill” follows ..