A senior delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Baghdad to participate in the three presidencies meeting and meet with political parties


23-08-2016 03:26 PM
Involved high-ranking delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, a meeting of the three presidencies and meet with political parties.

He said Saadi Ahmed beer, the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, a member of the ‘main objective the visit is to participate in a meeting of the three presidencies, which is scheduled to form a political council enjoys political powers, and issued decisions on strategic issues and important’.
He added a beer, said the visit include a number of Iraqi political parties in Baghdad, in order to participate in the formation of the Iraqi Political Council ‘, stressing that all Kurdish parties agreed on this matter – See more at: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&u=http://www.dijlah.tv/index.php%3Fpage%3Darticle%26id%3D191274&usg=ALkJrhixtLgzbHfNtxGsmH4TppvGUXeaeA#sthash.llrR4aNM.dpuf

Kurdish delegation to discuss with al-Hakim Mosul edit and post Daesh


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Ammar al-Hakim in Arbil (archive) .. XYZ

Ammar al-Hakim in Arbil (archive) .. XYZ

Twilight News / A delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, headed by Mullah Bakhtiar, with the head of the Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim on Tuesday edit Mosul process of organizing Daesh the next stage.

This came during a meeting with al-Hakim, the Kurdish delegation in his office in Baghdad, according to a statement of the Supreme Council for the Twilight News reported.

The statement said that “During the meeting, they discussed the relationship between the federal government and local governments and the provincial government.”

But he stressed “the importance of political stability for the battle to liberate Mosul and take note of the regional situation and its variables, as well as to prepare for the post of Mosul, where the completion of the military Daesh and switch to the security challenge that the Daesh according to the data will return to its old ways through sleeper cells or similar styles.”

He pointed to the “importance of the priorities of the stage in the re-displaced people and to achieve civil peace and the reconstruction of the cities and the provision of services.”

Hakim added that “Iraq is very close to reap the fruits of patience,” calling on everyone to “assume their responsibilities and to draw lessons from Daesh stage was tough on everyone.”

He stated that Iraq exceeded somewhat Financial stayed with him, pointing to the importance of mutual visits between the political forces to bring the views.

وفد كوردي يبحث مع الحكيم تحرير الموصل ومرحلة ما بعد داعش


Iraq looking modifying its contracts with international oil companies to increase production


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[Where – Baghdad]
Oil Minister Jabbar Luaibi said the ministry supports the work of the international oil companies operating in Iraq in order to improve the rates of production and export of crude oil and gas.
According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “Oil Minister Jabbar Allaibi Terrace on Tuesday a meeting of the joint departments of oil fields within the licensing rounds decades.”
He pointed out that ” the meeting is to open a new page of cooperation with international oil companies operating in Iraq as well as improving and modifying certain paragraphs of the oil contracts signed with them in order to increase production and investment optimization for gas. ”
He said the oil minister , ” Tell us some of the problems or challenges faced by foreign oil companies, and we will overcome them in order to promote employment and increase production of oil and gas in order to maximize revenue national.
for his part, Undersecretary older Fayad Hassan blessing that this meeting comes within the pursuit of the ministry ‘s keenness to provide the ideal atmosphere for the work of international companies operating in Iraq despite economic and security challenges, stressing that these meetings lead to theestablishment of a genuine partnership aims to develop a relationship and as reflected in the development of oil fields and increase production, as well as the best investment for the gas and cover the local need for both the electric power sector , or other industrial and service sectors. ”

Urgent edit six oil wells in Qayyarah


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[Where – Follow – up]
liberated the military units, on Tuesday, six oil wells in the liberation of hand Qayyarah center south of the city of Mosul process.
A spokesman for the brigade 91 army Maj Secretary Shikhani ” The army cut a path logistically and strategically key used Daesh gangs near Mosul, on Tuesday.
Among Shikhani The Army liberated also six oil wells at least control Daesh after security forces launched an offensive against Daesh in the town of Qayyarah took their town center.
He pointed out that there was heavy fighting in the area, but raids the international coalition led by the United States military forces support on the ground to win the land and get rid of the control ofDaesh them.
and began Tuesday morning, a military operation with the participation of the fight against terrorism and the forces of the band device forces ninth in the army for the Liberation of hand Qayyarah center south of Mosul from terrorists Daesh.
the major aspects of Qayyarah area of Iraq, and the capacities of the security forces, in the past few weeks editing the majority of villages and nearby areas and the surrounding prefecture.


Council of Ministers held a session to discuss the budget in 2017


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[Where – Baghdad]
Cabinet held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of its regular Haider Abadi , which discusses the2017 budget.
It is unlikely that the Cabinet will discuss in its meeting, Aom Tuesday, the draft general financial state budget law for 2017, after taking drafted by the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday.
The Prime Minister said Haider al – Abadi through chaired the meeting of the crisis cell yesterday that the government is seeking to deliver the budget bill to the House Representatives 10 next September before.
the Abadi , during the meeting , “the importance of raising the efficiency of the use of the estimated revenue for the year 2017, towards securing salaries and wages and salaries of retirees and insurance payments of social protection and the ration card network, was also stressed perpetuate the war requirements to achieve the final victory over the Daesh gangs.”

Zebari Kubis discuss the UN role supporting the displaced people and the reconstruction of liberated areas


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[Oan- Baghdad]
Search Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari today with Jan Kubiš Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations and head of UNAMI mission in Iraq and his accompanying delegation the UN ‘s role in supporting the displaced.
According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “During the meeting, they reviewed the cooperation between Iraq and the United Nations in the political and humanitarian assistance provided by the Organization for displaced people due to the security situation and the terror organization Daesh relations of cooperation, as well as the reconstruction of areas Mahrrhothakiq stability Vihaldman the return of citizens to it by providing support for projects vital mission. ”

Urgent .. Barzani arrives in Turkey to meet with senior officials


Tuesday 23-08-2016 | 2:27:47

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Shafaq News / The president of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani afternoon, to Turkey at the official invitation.

Barzani will be consultations with Turkish officials, headed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim.

Accompanying Barzani, president of the Presidium of the region, Fouad Hussein, the government spokesman Sven Dzia.

It is due to hold a meeting with Barzani, US Vice President Joe Biden, who is visiting Turkey as well, followed by a tour of European countries, and Montm visit to Iran at the official invitation.



Parliament postpones vote on the withdrawal of confidence from al-Obeidi to Thursday


Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

The President of the Parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, Tuesday, postponement of the parliamentary vote on the withdrawal of confidence from Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi to lack of quorum.

A parliamentary source said in an interview with (long-Presse), he said that “the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, in order to vote on the withdrawal of confidence from Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, a lack of quorum, after the withdrawal of the masses of the citizen and the Liberals.”

And he raised the presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Tuesday, the 13th session of the first legislative term legislative year, the third half-hour after the breach of a quorum following the withdrawal of the Liberal blocs of deputies and citizens to protest the display withdraw confidence from the Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi of the vote.

The deputies blocs of Liberals and citizen withdrew on Tuesday from the 13th session of the first legislative term of the third legislative year to protest the display of withdrawal of confidence from the Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi of the vote, which hampered the continuation of the hearing.

And the voice of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Tuesday (23 August 2016), during its 13th legislative term of the first legislative year, the third to reject a request from some about 67 deputies to postpone the vote on the withdrawal of confidence from the Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi.

The House voted during its meeting of 12 of the legislative term of the first third legislative year, which was held in the (15 August 2016), a majority on the “dissatisfaction” with the answers given by the Minister of Defense during his interrogation on You “corruption and mismanagement” The ministry, to decide after the hearing Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the inclusion of “confidence pull” the minister Khaled al-Obeidi during the next meeting to be held next Tuesday (23 August 2016).

The Minister of Defense, Khalid al-Obeidi count, on Thursday, the (18 August 2016), that the questioning in parliament was “Sinarua prepared for him in advance of the people closed the Bugehm doors blackmail and compromise” in order to abort, while attributing his choice to talk about them in front of parliament for being ” the most suitable place and the tent of the people and the authority which find shelter in Hama to protect our voice from being lost, “confirmed his intention to refer the” evidence and new evidence “to eliminate in the coming period in order to preserve public money.

Parliament has been questioned Secretary of Defense, in its eighth of the first legislative term of the third legislative year, which was held in (the first of August now), headed by Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 203 deputies.

Obeidi was brought, during the questioning session, the charges for the speaker and members of the Council Mohammed al-Karbouli and Muthana al-Samarrai, former MP Haider Mulla to “Msahumich appointments and try to pass the corrupt contracts”, which Jubouri pay to leave the parliament session before returning it threatened to resort to the judiciary.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives held on Tuesday (23 August 2016), its 13th of the first legislative term of the third legislative year, headed by Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 244 deputies, while the agenda of the meeting included the completion of the interrogation Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, and vote on the four laws.


Deputy for the citizen: the need to postpone the withdrawal of confidence from al-Obeidi, the post-edit Mosul


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the Bloc Hasan Khalati, the need to postpone the withdrawal of confidence from Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, beyond the battle to liberate Mosul.
He Khalati, he told {Euphrates News}, “We are against the withdrawal ofconfidence from the defense minister at the moment, and we called for thepostponement of this issue beyond the battle to liberate Mosul , ” noting that ” theHouse of Representatives felt withdrawal from the meeting if it is to insist on theinclusion of withdrawal of confidence from al – Obeidi was a breach quorum and withdrawal. ”
He pointed out that” the withdrawal of confidence from al – Obeidi would cause confusion security and we are at the gates of a decisive battle. ”
witnessed the parliamentary session on Tuesday, the chaos on the back of thepostponement of the sacking of defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi or not.
the president of the House of Representatives , Salim al , for receiving the Council signed by a number of MPs request to postpone the vote on the vote of confidence in the defense minister Khaled Alobeida.anthy p

For TBI at JP Morgan Award for electronic payments

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Economy News / Agencies …

Received TBI JP Morgan Quality Award for 2016 for its implementation fast and accurate payments to customers in Bahrain on 14/08/2016. The director general of the bank, Mr. Faisal Alheims Commenting on the award, “Our priority is to provide the highest level of customer service and direct treatment processes, which is critical, as it ensures fast, accurate and reliable following the instructions of payment transactions for our clients, and also reduces the costs for the bank. Our continuous efforts It has enabled us to provide our customers with individuals and institutions exceptional payment in TBI services, and ensure that our staff are trained in the latest banking technology using the latest technology and in accordance with the requirements of the strategic training plan.
 Since the JP Morgan Quality Award is divided into two categories: the “Quality Award” and “the quality of the elite Award” which is awarded to organizations that show the highest levels of performance.
TBI received this award in recognition of gaining address directly operations and by the completion and reached the 99.78%., Confirmed JPMorgan that less than 1% of eligible for the award of financial institutions, and the Trade Bank of Iraq in a banner succeeded in fulfilling the terms of the strict standards of performance for the award prestigious .