Chairman of the Integrity Commission calls Abadi to accept his resignation



Since 21/08/2016 16:21 pm (Baghdad time)


Baghdad balances News

The President of the Integrity Commission, Dr. Hassan al-Yassiri his resignation once again to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi appealed to him to accept after it had been submitted early last July, he has rejected Abadi at the time, noting that his decision to wait to go to resign procedures but rather was the result of the repercussions of questioning of the Minister of Defense.

He Yasiri / balances News / he had appealed to the new prime minister to accept the resignation, pointing out that the wait was based on the repercussions of the issue to question the Minister of Defense, where the Commission has completed its procedures investigative case and referred their prioritization and records of investigative all the way to the investigative panel of judicial author of the Supreme Judicial Council .

Commission explained in a statement that among the reasons for Yasiri to proceed procedures resign now complete some things on top of the national anti-corruption strategy for the years draft (2016 – 2020), which made the body where the unremitting efforts culminated in the completion of the draft and forwarded to the Council of Ministers; with a view to approval, as well as to clarify the point of view of the body was of a paragraph to include (some or most) convicted of crimes of corruption amnesty law, highlighting the hidden aspects of unmet research in this law, and that could cause embarrassment for Iraq, not only at the local level, but on the level international too.

This comes at a time when issued the head of the Supreme Judicial Council, the Iraqi Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, Sunday, will be commissioned by the deputy chief prosecutor with the task of monitoring device integrity issues and money laundering during the investigation and trial stages.

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