Statement: the position of the Kurdistan Regional Government of the liberation of Mosul and the role of the Peshmerga

History of edits:: 08/20/2016 22:12

{Baghdad} Euphrates News said the Kurdistan Regional Government’s position the province of Mosul and edit the role of the Peshmerga.

According to a statement of the province received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today , “regarding the process of freeing the city of Mosul and the role of the Peshmerga Kurdish forces have been different statements heard from the media in this regard, we know all the parties that the fight against terrorists Daesh, a key priority for the Kurdistan Region, and during these two years, the Peshmerga heroes of their duty, and shattered the myth Daesh at the hands of the Peshmerga. ” 

He added that” liberalization city of Mosul, is important and of interest to Kurdistan, Iraq and the world and the region , province, and in addition to the military side, we must take into account the considerations humanitarian and political implications for Kurdistan and Iraq and the region , province. ” 

“for the region of Kurdistan and the people of Nineveh province and its components, the post – edit Mosul is particularly important, and to prevent the recurrence of the tragedies suffered by the national and religious components in Nineveh province, but not to the emergence of other problems, and to provide full assurances of the components of the Nineveh province, and residents of the city of Mosul, there must be a a political agreement between the parties on the management of the city of Mosul and Nineveh province. ” 

the statement concluded by saying , ” in regard to the role of the Peshmerga in the battle of the restoration of Mosul, the Kurdistan region is committed to the agreements already existing between the Kurdistan region, the Iraqi government and the coalition, as well as any agreement to be concluded in the future between these Althelath.anthy parties

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