Rouhani calls for investing lifting of sanctions on Iran for the development of cooperation with Iraq

Long-Presse / BaghdadCounting Iranian President Hassan Rowhani said on Saturday that the Iraqi parliament can carry out the role of “actor” in the promotion of national unity, it is a “unity and brotherhood code” among Iraqis, calling for investment of the lifting of international sanctions on Iran for the development of bilateral cooperation, especially in the economic sphere at all levels , while the head of the Iraqi parliament to find “new ways” to promote such cooperation, at present exceeded the region’s problems in cooperation and unity between their countries.

This came during a meeting with Rowhani, today in Tehran, the Iraqi parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, according to what reported by the Iranian news agency IRNA IRNA, and I followed (the long-Presse).

Rowhani said, “The root out discrimination and strengthen the foundations of unity and solidarity among ethnic groups and sects in Iraq will enhance the victories achieved by the army and the Iraqi people and uproot terrorism from the country,” adding that “Iran will remain as they were to the side of the people and the Iraqi government over the face of terrorism.”

He stressed Rowhani, the need to “develop bilateral cooperation, especially in the economic sphere at all levels to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the nuclear deal,” she returned to “the Iraqi parliament represents unity and brotherhood symbol of all nationalities and creeds, and that can be based active role in promoting national unity Iraq through support of confrontation operation against terrorism. ”

For his part, called on the Iraqi parliament speaker, to “the development of economic cooperation between the two countries and the need to search for new ways in this regard in order to serve their common interests and the region.”

Jubouri said, “Iran has always been a side of Iraq in the fight against terrorism and it has a very important role in this area,” adding that “victories in Iraq have been achieved in the light of the unity of all the sons of the Iraqi people, including army and popular tribal forces and Iraqi nationalities.”

He said the Iraqi parliament speaker, to “overcome the problems of the region depend on cooperation and unity among all its countries,” adding that “Iraq and Iran should seek their relationship to promote peace and security in Iraq as well as the strengthening of the region in general.”

The President of the House of Representatives, Saleem al-Jubouri, currently visiting Iran at the start of a tour to Turkey, too.

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