Economic stresses publish the names of the banks involved corruption will contribute to expel the foreign investor from Iraq

Confirmed expert in economic affairs Sumaisem peace, said the publication of the names of community banks and economic figures and officials accused of corruption banking will negatively impact on the banking sector and will contribute to the expulsion of foreign investors from the country and destroys the confidence of the Iraqi citizen sector.
Smeisim said, “and said some media published a few days ago, lists containing the names of community banks and economic figures and accused out of money and laundered smuggling of political officials, a Maineks negatively on the Iraqi financial market and the credibility of the financial sector and its workers, calling on the media to choose the transparency of economic information within the right to eat and dissemination of information as well in order to be the people and dealers, whether Iraqis or non-Iraqis are aware and informed of what is going on in the banking sector. “
It is said that some of the media pointed out that the US panel competent to combat financial intelligence department personnel discovered 300 banking company and money transfer and 6 suspicious Iraqi banks operate offense laundering financial aid, noting that the committee has reached Baghdad and are staying at the US Embassy for the detection of financial issues concerning the central bank Iraqi.
The source familiar with the central bank warned of the collapse of the credit situation in Iraq in the event of the Commission in the US embassy informed the CBI for the names of five or six Iraqi banks will be frozen its work and forwarded to the judiciary and the courts.

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