Urgent .. Iraqi Air Force aircraft receive thousands of leaflets on Shirqat Qayyarah


Thursday 18-08-2016 | 11:17:49

 J p

Twilight News / announced media-Harbi cell on Thursday for throwing Iraqi warplanes thousands of leaflets on Sharqat spend the northern Salahuddin province, spend Qayyarah south of the city of Mosul civilians that advises them to stay away from the terrorist organization Daesh sites.

She said in a statement the cell responded to Twilight News, “The Iraqi air force planes dropped tens of thousands of leaflets over areas Shirqat Qayyarah and surrounding areas.”

The statement pointed out that “those publications urges citizens to stay away from areas where the elements Daesh exist and they have become targets for our pilots.”

The statement called on “citizens to cooperate with the forces liberated by adhering to the instructions for safe ways to progress towards the pieces and pick up the archives fundamentalism of identification upon arrival to the areas identified by the security pieces.”

عاجل .. طائرات القوة الجوية العراقية تلقي آلاف المنشورات على الشرقاط والقيارة

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