The United States calls on the Peshmerga to work under the command of Iraqi army


By Roudao 52 minutes ago
مارك تونر
Mark Toner

Roudao- Washington

Ask a spokesman for the US State Department, Mark Toner, demand is sensitive to the Peshmerga forces as long as it faced rejection, which join under Iraqi government control.

He said Toner, in response to a question by a reporter Roudao Media Network, “I think it is very important that the Peshmerga and the belligerents and other Iraqi groups forces come under the command and control of the Iraqi government and the Iraqi army, as long as we have emphasized on it, and this was our assessment from the beginning.”

The remark, put the State Department spokesman, Peshmerga and Shiite militias in the front and one, certainly should be transferred to the regular forces under central government control, he said Toner said his country’s efforts began to reach this goal, starting with “better coordination” to restore Mosul.

“I only say that we are in constant discussions with the Kurdistan Regional Government and Baghdad to support and encourage a united front against the ongoing Daesh threats, in fact, we planned joint meetings between the Kurdistan Region President Barzani and the National Security Advisor in the Iraqi government, and I think that one of them was last week, and was the second a meeting of this kind. “

In the past few days, Arbil and Baghdad issued a mixed letters on how to restore Mosul process management and the future of the liberated areas.

He said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, earlier, that he can not force any entry of Mosul, with the exception of the Iraqi security forces, the Peshmerga students withdraw from all areas of the newly restored from the organization Daesh in Nineveh province.

It is said that the Iraqi constitution, the Peshmerga forces Kqguat defender known security and stability of the Kurdistan Region.

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