Peshmerga confirms its adherence to the policy of annexation of areas that emancipation of the Kurdistan region and the claims Abadi agreement with them not to enter Mosul

Mustafa al-Obeidi

Aug 19, 2016

Baghdad «Quds Al-Arabi»: the upsurge of tension in the already tense relations between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil Peshmerga stressed continuity in the liberation of land and restoration of the organization «state» and its adherence to them and not to withdraw from it in the future, in conjunction with the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi statements that refer to the agreement with the KRG forces to remain in the current locations, and that does not participate in the liberation of Mosul process.
Kurdistan Regional Government confirmed that the Peshmerga will continue to offer and will not withdraw from areas recaptured.
In response, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s remarks in agreement with the province on the survival of the Peshmerga forces in their positions, said a spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Sven Dzia, «that the Peshmerga will continue to offer».
The Dzia in remarks that «progress Peshmerga will continue until the liberation of all the Kurdish areas of Nineveh province», saying «that the Peshmerga will not withdraw from the areas liberated or Sthrrha in the future».
The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced Tuesday that «there is an understanding with the Kurdistan region that he should not be on the Peshmerga to move from their places while restoring the Mosul operation or to expand, and must remain in their current positions, and only to provide support and assistance to the Iraqi army».
He stressed that «that Mosul should be managed by its residents and it would not allow any talk of dividing the city, pointing out that no force would not enter the city only Iraqi forces.
For his part, spokesman for the office of Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi refused to impose a fait accompli in Nineveh, and calling for the need to postpone the talk about the disputed between Baghdad and Erbil regions until after the victory over the «state». He said in a televised statement I followed «Quds Al-Arabi» that «any political conflict in the areas named in the Constitution by the conflicting areas should be postponed and we have to focus now in the victory over state regulation.»
He added, We do not accept to seize the current conditions and opportunities to impose a fait accompli in Nineveh, and leave to the side conflicts that do not hurt the interests of one only organization »and stressed that« the threat of terrorism requires synergies of all security systems including the Peshmerga and the crowd folk and other security formations » .
Within the context Despite Abadi’s remarks he confirmed many Kurds commanders adherence liberated areas of the organization «state.» Peshmerga official at the center of Tuz Khurmatu in Salahuddin province, has announced that the Peshmerga forces will not abandon the Kurdish territories liberated. »
Maj. Gen. Abdullah Port, in a press statement «the Peshmerga will not abandon these areas because we liberated it and protect it with our blood».
The Peshmerga official at the center of a drunken eastern Mosul, Najat Ali, «I think that there is a contradiction in the words of al-Abadi, because the Iraqi army will not be able to enter the connector without the help of the Peshmerga and the Kurdistan region».
Said Ali, network Roudao media, said that «the operations carried out during the last two days, will certainly help the Iraqi army, because he can use the road between Alkwyr and Mosul bridge, to cross his troops into Mosul, therefore, to provide the Peshmerga great benefit of the Iraqi army to open new fronts, and the restoration of Mosul of the organization faster ».
The Peshmerga official at the center of a drunken «we will continue to fight the regulation, any place we see that it poses a threat to the Kurdistan region, and do not forget that the Kurdistan part of the problem Coalition Against Daesh region, so we consider it our right to participate in any place ask us where it» .
Said Najat Ali, «that the coalition forces, especially the United States, demanding constantly Kurdistan region with the help of the Iraqi army, to be able to restore the connector is easier or faster, and I find it difficult to edit the connector without the help of the Peshmerga forces and the Kurdistan region, because the Iraqi army does not have the strength and military power the liberation of Mosul. »
The leader of the Peshmerga «their problem lies in the political dimension, in Are the Mosul administration in the post-liberation will be like the past, or there will be a new style of management, stressing the need to« change this way of governance, if not changed, I think that even if he were freed Mosul, he’ll have the most problems in Mosul, not necessarily that these problems occur between the Kurds and the central government, or the components in Mosul ».
MP also appealed for Badr bloc in Parliament and a representative of the retina nationalism in the House of Representatives nostalgia Qadu, on Thursday, the national forces and organizations, peacekeeping and human rights to intervene rapidly and to stand against the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani and some Kurdish leaders that intention announced control by force of arms to all territories outside of comments the borders of the Kurdistan region, which is released from the control of terrorist gangs by Kurdish Peshmerga forces.
He Qadu «that these statements convulsive come with international support and targeting the security and safety of the sons of the Iraqi components of minorities who are looking to return to their areas after the liberation of the terrorist organization».
Within the context, according to an Iraqi military informed sources, the Peshmerga prevented Iraqi army soldiers from entering the region to go to their units in a drunken area where stationed units from participating in the liberation of Mosul, the military, according to the agreement between the governments of the center and the region under the supervision of the United States.
And consistent all the followers of the Iraq war that the control of the liberated areas of the organization «State», especially in the areas surrounding the province of Kurdistan, is the ticking time bomb which could explode at some point after the organization «State» between the governments of the center and the region in light of the conflict of interests and the absence of consensus between the Iraqi political forces and the pursuit of some neighboring countries to the continuing instability of the situation in Iraq.

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