Oil Ministry to resume pumping crude through a pipeline to Turkey region

History of edits:: 8/18/2016 20:25
Oil Ministry to resume pumping crude through a pipeline to Turkey region

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it announced that the Oil Ministry in Baghdad, said Thursday it had resumed pumping crude from fields operated by state – run North Oil Company , which through a subsidiary of the Kurdistan region of a pipeline to Turkey.

The spokesman of the ministry , Assem Jihad told Reuters that about 70 thousand barrels a day being pumped through the pipeline , which is controlled by the Kurdistan Regional authorities, but gave no further details. 

The oil pump stopped in March because of a dispute between the government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government over control of oil exports Kurdish. 

It is supposed to ease the resumption of crude pumped through the Kurdish pipeline , the financial burden for the Kurdistan government , which were badly damaged by the collapse of oil prices two years ago. 

Kurdish officials in February warned that the economic crisis may increase the cases of evasion of military service between the Peshmerga forces fighting organization Daesh. 

the new oil minister in Baghdad Jabar Ali Allaibi expressed optimism at his appointment on Monday the possibility of solving the problem with the Kurdistan region. 

in June June 2014 seized control of the Peshmerga on Kirkuk , which spins them conflict Old and its oil fields after the disintegration of the northern units of the Iraqi army in face Daesh. 

regained peshmerga army territory in northern Iraq and were preparing to attack the final to grab Mosul Daesh supported by an international coalition led by the United States. 

he was a former oil minister Adel Abdul Mahdi , a student in March that the Kurds back to an earlier oil deal or to sign a new agreement to resume pumping through of their pipeline.

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