It announces the resumption of crude oil pumped through the pipeline Kurdistan denies raise the prices of oil derivatives



Since 18/08/2016 21:18 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News
spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, said that Iraq resumed pumping crude from fields operated by the North Oil Company ,run by the Iraqi government , which, through a pipeline Kurdistan region to Turkey. A
spokesman for the oil ministry in Baghdad said on Thursday that Iraq has resumed pumping crude from fields operated by North oil state – run company and through the Kurdish pipeline to Turkey.
The spokesman Assem Jihad that about 70 thousand barrels a day being pumped through the pipeline , which is controlled by theKurdistan Regional authorities, but gave no further details.
The pumping stopped in March because of a dispute between the federal government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional government over control of oil exports from the Kurdistan region.
It is supposed to ease the resumption of crude pumped through the Kurdish pipeline , the financial burden on the Iraqi Kurdistan government , which were badly damaged by the collapse of oil prices two years ago.
in February Kurdish officials have warned that the economic crisis may increase the cases of evasion of military service between thepeshmerga forces fighting the organization of the Islamic state , which controls the vast territory west of the Kurdish region.
the new oil minister in Baghdad Jabar Ali Allaibi expressed optimism at his appointment on Monday the possibility of a solution theproblem with the Kurds.
the Minister of oil Jabar Luaibi, Thursday, increasing the production of petroleum products and reduce the proportion of imported into the half.
a statement by the Ministry of oil received / balances News / copy of the “Allaibi revealed during a meeting Thursday with agents and general managers in the ministry, for the development of a solid and integrated action plan for development of the oil sector in thecountry , “stressing” the need to work as one team in order to develop the oil sector. ”
He explained Allaibi according to the statement,” we will work to overcome the obstacles hindering the development of the oil sector ,”stressing the need to resume the national effort within the ministry companies for the development of this important sector in thecountry. ”
However , the oil Ministry denied on the tongue , Assem Jihad , the intention of raising the prices of oil derivatives, and as pointed out that filling stations operate until the late hours of the day, showed that the oil minister Jabbar Laibi face the need to raise the level ofmobilization of fuel stations to the ranks of developed nations.

He said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said that “prices of petroleum products are fixed – rate and thus there is no intention of theministry to raise it, ” noting that ” the per liter price of reformulated gasoline of 450 dinars and 750 dinars High gasoline imported octane.”
Jihad said that ” the oil minister new Jabbar Laibi face the need to raise the level of stations to mobilize fuel to the ranks of developed countries to provide the best services to the citizens. ”
but the oil minister , face the necessity” to take advantage of international experiences with regard to the distribution and mobilization of petroleum products terminals in form and substance, “he underlined” the need to improve local product of a substance gasoline because of its positive impact on the citizen. ”
he called on the new Minister of Iraqi oil to” improve the quality of diesel and construction of a large warehouse in the Khor Al – Zubair to be Iraq window of export to the world , “he said , adding” the ministry has sought to work with specialized companies to expand thearea of exploration for crude oil is leads to the result to increase production. ”
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