Urgent Abadi: We will complete the rest of the ministerial cabin interior, industry and trade, specifically soon


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday, his determination to complete the ministerial cabin soon and naming ministers of interior, industry and trade ministries to follow soon .. ..


Urgent Abadi: We will complete the rest of the ministerial cabin interior, industry and trade, specifically soon


Urgent Cabinet held its meeting in the presence of the new ministers



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[Oan- Baghdad]
Cabinet held its regular Sunday, in the presence of the new ministers.
The session was chaired by Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi.
The House of Representatives has voted to approve Abdul Razzaq al – Issa of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research , and Hassan al – Janabi , to the Ministry of Water Resources and Jabbar and coffee to the Ministry of Oil Kazem cup erythema of the Ministry of Transport and Anne beneficial to the Ministry of Construction and Housing.
Rejected candidate Yusuf Ali Asadi Parliament to the Ministry of Trade .
the new minis

Brett McGurk- Twitter


Readout from four productive days in w/focus on accelerating, resourcing all aspects of liberation plan

Special Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk Visits Iraq

August 15, 2016

On August 11-14,‎ Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL Brett McGurk and his deputy, Lt. General (R) Terry Wolff, visited Iraq for meetings with senior Iraqi government and security officials.  Accompanied by U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Stuart Jones,  Mr. McGurk met with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Minister of Defense Khalid al-Obaidi, Speaker of Parliament Saleem Jabouri, Iraqi Kurdistan Region (IKR) President Massoud Barzani, and other senior political, religious, and security figures.

Special Presidential Envoy McGurk commended the Iraqi security forces and Kurdish Peshmerga for their achievements on the battlefield.  He welcomed the recent advances by Kurdish Peshmerga east of Mosul, and Iraqi forces south of Mosul, which are helping to shape the conditions for Mosul’s ultimate liberation and stabilization. He also outlined recent increases in U.S. and coalition support, including support for stabilization in liberated areas to ensure battlefield gains are durable and lasting. ‎In meetings with the Governor of Ninewa Province, the Ninewa Operations Commander, and other leaders involved in planning for the liberation of Mosul, he emphasized the importance of a well-coordinated military, political, and economic campaign plan. The United States and the coalition are committed to working with all Iraqi leaders to ensure this plan is well developed and resourced. Deputy Special Presidential Envoy Wolff will remain in Iraq for follow up engagements over the coming weeks.

Importantly, Special Presidential Envoy McGurk, Lt. Gen. Wolff, and Ambassador Jones, attended a joint planning session with IKR President Barzani and the National Security Advisor for the Government of Iraq, Faleh Fayyad. This was the second joint meeting between these leaders, and the U.S. delegation was encouraged by the commitment to partnership and ensuring close coordination between Baghdad and Erbil as the planning for Mosul accelerates. McGurk also met with Archbishop of Erbil, Bashar Warda, to discuss the importance of incorporating Christians and all minority groups into these planning efforts, and ensure conditions can be established to return these populations to their home areas as soon as possible following their liberation from ISIL terrorists.

In all his meetings, Special Presidential Envoy McGurk reaffirmed the Coalition’s and United States’ commitment to provide assistance to the Iraqi campaign to defeat ISIL on the battlefield but also after the battles are won with essential humanitarian and stabilization support. Mr. McGurk noted the recent Pledging Conference in Support of Iraq held in Washington last month, which generated over $2 billion in humanitarian assistance pledges from around the world. To date, more than 700,000 Iraqis have returned to their homes in areas liberated from ISIL, but many remain displaced, and it is incumbent upon the entire international community to help Iraqis rebuild their lives as ISIL is defeated.


The arrest of one of the “most important” leaders of the intelligence process Daash west of Baghdad



Terrorist Ahmed Hussein in the Grip of Justice


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

A source in the federal police intelligence system, the arrest of one of the most prominent leaders of the “state of the Euphrates” in organizing Daash intelligence operation, west of Baghdad, with the exception that the detainee of the “most important” cadres of the organization of his close relationship with their Bkiedath minute and know.

The source says in an interview (range Press), “The Directorate of Police Intelligence Federal received accurate information about the presence of terrorist elements in the western areas of Baghdad, including one of the leaders of the organization and named Ahmed Hussein Ali Aljughaifi, where formed on the impact of a specialized team to follow up on the information and setting goals terrorist, “noting that” the team lured goal that was inhabited university district, west of Baghdad, ambushed in the vicinity of the area of residence safe zone. “

INQ was after the team closed by Amiriyah and tunnel police and forced goal on the behavior by drawing him to fall into a team that knows the goal of a 51-year-old professionally despite the difficulty of it, where you do not deny the goal of belonging to Daash convincing the team that used a deep investigation and confrontation with evidence grip what led to the collapse of Aljughaifi, approval of belonging to Daash in June of 2014, after the control of the existing judiciary, at the hands of his brother, Mullah Hamidi, “tribal affairs official” in Daash.

It shows the source, who asked not to be named, said: “Aljughaifi worked as an assistant to his brother, who was taking the pledge of allegiance to the organization of the tribes in the state of the Euphrates called in Daash,” adding that “the terrorist said that joining the organization was a foregone conclusion after having made most of the residents of the areas dominated by the organization of allegiance and joined him “to take advantage of this relationship tribes and freedom of movement between areas to gather financial wealth through buying and selling operations of illegal smuggling operations.

Leadership Aldaasha had attended one of the most important conferences Daash that tribal leaders gathered in the host, “Sheikh Sabah Alstam anal” in the city of Qaim, in the presence of senior leaders of the organization were “the religion of Hamidi,” and an official in the state of the Euphrates at the time, “Abu Dargham Saudi” and legitimate state, “Hammoud Knuh “The Askaraha” Abu Anas al-Shami, “as well as the coordinator between US,” Faisal Obeid Please, “where the organization documented the allegiance of tribal leaders during the conference.

Aljughaifi Following that conference, took over the tasks of taking the repentance of the elements of the security forces and the dignitaries of tribes loyal to the government later stripped of their weapons, and inform them of the need to comply with the orders and instructions of the organization and not to leave their homes, before attending another Daash conference but in the city of Fallujah this time, which witnessed the execution of one of the elements security forces, and the confiscation of weapons owned by the clan, where Daash broadcast a videotape documenting the crime.

And reveals the source, that “Aljughaifi was yet Bucca during the period between 2006 – 2007 before being released,” returned to the “leading Aldaasha of the most important elements of the mandate of the Euphrates for his intimate knowledge of most of the organization, which was the subject of trust by virtue of age and loyalty artificial leaders, a what Aljughaifi exploited for the collection of financial wealth during the past two years. “


Parliamentary Finance is discussing with representatives of the Central Bank and control increase non-oil revenues



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BAGHDAD – balances News

Parliamentary Finance Committee hosted, on Tuesday, the Central Bank and representatives of the Office of Financial Supervision and border crossings and director of the tax department at the Ministry of Finance.

He said a parliamentary source / balances News /, that “the parliamentary Finance Committee today hosted, within its Central Bank and representatives of Supreme Audit and border crossings and director of the tax department in the Ministry of Finance.”

“The meeting was devoted to discuss the possibilities available to increase non-oil revenue in the general budget and constraints maximized” .anthy 29 / p 18


Abadi office: the new ministers will attend the Cabinet meeting today


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced that the new ministers will attend the Cabinet meeting scheduled for today after carrying out their sworn in on Monday, the House of Representatives.
Said Saad al – Hadithi , spokesman for the prime minister ‘s office told {Euphrates News} today that ” the Council of Ministers will hold a meeting after one o’clock this afternoon, is scheduled to attend the new ministers to the session after carrying out their sworn in yesterday.”
He added that ” the presence of ministers to the Cabinet meeting today will be stressing in practice. ”
the House of Representatives voted unanimously on the candidates of five ministries presented by Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi during the meeting yesterday with the exception of the Ministry of Commerce candidate who did not receive a vote sufficient to fill the position.
was voted to approve Abdul Razzaq Al Issa, Minister of Higher Education, and Hassan al – Janabi minister of water resources, and Kazem cup minister of transport, Anne wholesome Osei, minister of Construction and housing, and Jabbar Laibi minister Naft.anthy 1

Iraq review the framework agreement with the United States Alastratja items


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[Where – Baghdad]
Iraq review the implementation of the strategic framework agreement signed with the United States in 2008 and withdrew under which US troops from the country in 2011.
A statement by his press office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari , presided over the first meeting of the Higher Committee to follow up the implementation of the strategic framework agreement signed with the United States in 2008 at the headquarters of theForeign Ministry, with the participation of a number of agents, general managers interior ministries , oil, planning, health, environment, culture, transport, industry, housing and reconstruction, and youth and Sports, and the National Security Agency after the cabinet approval of the proposed Ministry of Foreign Affairs to form a higher committee concerned with the management of shared files between US and Iraqi ministries in the framework of the strategic agreement under the chairmanship of Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim al – Jaafari to give effect to the terms of the agreement, and take care of common interests and face common dangers, and the development of the areas included in theConvention, and respect for sovereignty, and the service of the two friendly peoples. ”
He added that” the meeting concluded agreed that each ministry to submit its proposals to beformulated later bilateral agreement, or a memorandum of understanding in the areas that concerned them, and benefit from the experience, and the possibility of their American counterparts , based on installed in the Convention text, activate the relevant committees, and to overcome obstacles to thejoint committees, in addition to the need to condense the time of submission of proposals ministries, and to intensify efforts to hold meetings going on to complete the preparation of working papers Iraqi commissions, approached the American side. ”
it was Iraq and the United States have signed in November 17 , 2008 strategic framework agreement for a relationship of friendship and cooperation between the two countries, and emphasizes the” long – term relationship in the economic, diplomatic, cultural and security fields, based on therelationship of friendship and cooperation to mutual respect and the principles and recognized standards of international law and to meet international obligations, and the principle of non -interference in internal affairs, rejection of the use of violence to settle differences. ” it
also stressed the Convention” that do not use the United States lands and waters and airspace of Iraq starting point or transit point for attacks on other countries that do not seek or request permanent bases or a permanent military presence in Iraq. ”
entered this agreement into force on the first of January 2009, after an exchange of diplomatic notes confirming the completion of the necessary actions of the parties to implement this agreement under the relevant window in both countries the constitutional procedures .
indicates the second clause of section 11 of the Convention states that “this agreement shall remain in effect unless either party provides written notice to the other party intent to terminate this agreement, the termination shall be effective one year after the date of such notification.”
also refers to “this agreement may be amended by mutual consent , in writing and in accordance with the constitutional procedures in force in the two countries, and is subject to all cooperation under this agreement with the laws and instructions of the two countries.”