Abadi surprised by the speed of resolving the issue of al-Jubouri and asked to postpone the questioning of the Minister of Defense [Extended]

History of edits:: 8.16.2016 21:09 

[Oan- Baghdad] 

through the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, who was surprised at the speed of deciding on the issue of Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri, charges and Defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi him of corruption.

Abadi and take it in a press conference this evening , ” the timing of the interrogation and the defense minister mistake , ” noting that ” the investigation of the accusations of the Minister in the Iraqi state must be accurately noting that he does not interfere in the judiciary” 

and revealed, “he had asked to postpone the questioning of Defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi , until the completion of the battle of Mosul or the end of the preparation ” and urged” the judiciary and the prosecutor to move the issues affecting the public interest ” and called for” comprehensive reform and full cooperation between the three branches of government. ” 

he emphasized that” still locked in political negotiations on the post of interior minister in addition to the ministers of Industry, trade and hope to end this file in the next session of the Council of Ministers. ” 

He noted that” the political blocs agreed to naming the heads of independent bodies independent and not follow the parties. ” 

in the security file and the process of liberalization of Mosul, the Prime Minister announced that” it was agreed with the Kurdistan region not to enter the forces Peshmerga to the city of Mosul and stay in their current locations , “pointing out that” the security forces and the crowd tribal two Stdechlan city. ” 

He revealed Abadi for” received indicated positive from Turkey on its troops stationed at camp Ba’shiqah northern Mosul , “pointing out that” Iraq is keen on the unity and integrity All the neighboring countries is also keen on the unity of its territory and that he would continue the positive relationship with Turkey. ” 

he added that” Iraq is keen to establish positive relations with Saudi Arabia and wait for positive steps , including in this regard. ” 

he stressed that the ” liberation operations going at a steady pace, and that the Daesh gangs terrorist the greater the pressure on them, she resorted to targeting civilians , “adding that” military operations now taking place in Khalidiya will expand to liberate Anbar fully. ” 

He pointed out that” the security forces carried out a number of proactive operations in Baghdad belt areas , based on information Astbartah and achieved great successes . ” . 

the Abadi “opening Iraqi airspace against Russia bombed Daesh in Syria , but with conditions.” 

the Prime Minister declared that the government “would appeal in the general amnesty law, if approved , with the changes made ​​by the House of Representatives , ” noting that “we promised Basra to provide electricity service 24 hours a day and we got to 22 hours. ”


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