Parliamentary Legal discussing with the US delegation to support legislation in Parliament


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Legal Committee headed by MP Mohsen al – Sadoun and the presence of its members examined, with the deputy political advisor to the US embassy to support laws that prescribed by Parliament.
A statement by the Media Department of the House of Representatives received by all of Iraq [where] acopy of the “Committee Devt deputy political adviser to the US embassy , and her accompanying delegation , ” noting that he ” had been discussed during the meeting on the role of the US embassy in support of laws and regulations that prescribed by the Iraqi Council of Representatives and benefit US experience in the job to legislate into law the Federation Council and other laws the House of Representatives seeks to legislation. ”
for her part , deputy political adviser to the US embassy , its thanks and appreciation to the invitation of its legal Committee in the House of Representatives, stressing the keenness of the United States continued on the legislative process support in Iraq and the success of the democratic experiment init.

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