Parliament discussed the financial facilities and loans granted to Iraq to support the federal budget



It hosted the parliamentary finance committee, headed by Mohammed al-Halbusi adviser to Prime Minister appearance of Mohammed Saleh, representative of the Iraqi Central Bank and a representative of the Office of Financial Supervision and general manager of religion and public, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and the countries of the seven adult donor to discuss facilities and loans granted to Iraq to support the federal budget

During the meeting, they discussed a number of issues, including strengthening the Iraqi imports and thus contributing to the support of the Iraqi individual’s calling to take some steps that serve the interests of the citizen.
Everyone stressed the need to review all actions taken in the past and that would enhance public money and what is pushing the development of resources and reduce expenses in order that Iraq is not accustomed to expose to the crises affecting the economy and therefore will affect the social situation of the Iraqi citizen.

Attendees stressed the need for there to be a priority in supporting important sectors such as health, education and displaced persons and the provision of job opportunities for low-income and improve living conditions for them

He called on participants to the need for there to be a reformist revolution, including the trend towards the fight against corruption and the elimination of networks that wasted public money and therefore Iraq would be able to cross the economic crisis and saving the Iraqi citizen requirements.

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