The new ministerial cabin


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I got / Republic News / on the list of candidates for vacant Mast and agreed to pass most of the blocks Alssayashhat list comprised of:

Umid Ahmed Mohamed Altok. the Department of Commerce / Turkoman

Qasim al-Araji, the Ministry of Interior / Badr

Jabbar and coffee for the oil ministry / Council (Independent Basra .. .. National Alliance agrees)

Kazem cup of the Ministry of Transport (Independent Basra .. .. Captain pilot)

Razak Al-Essa of the Ministry of Higher Education (Head of the University of Kufa and former adviser at the Iraqi Embassy in London earlier)

Hassan al-Janabi, the Ministry of Water Resources (a member of the negotiating team in the meetings of UNESCO, where the marshes have been included on the World Heritage List .. Iraq’s ambassador in Tokyo .. and translator of “returning to the marshlands,” authored by British journalist Kevin Yang and writers)

Yusuf al-Asadi of the Ministry of Industry (Basra .. Dean of the Faculty)

Nafi Osei to the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Municipalities (Baghdad .. .. oldest independent in the Municipality of Baghdad doctorate in civil engineering) engineer


Integrity calls on the parliament to postpone the vote on the draft general amnesty law a few days


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appealed to the board integrity of the Iraqi Council of Representatives to postpone the vote on the amnesty law for a few days, saying it hopes the Council to postpone a vote on the law; in order tostudy reportedly Bamadaminh and correction procedures and characterization of cases requirement excluded from its provisions, especially crimes related to corruption and overtaking on Public money”.
Her integrity in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Sunday that “dangerous extension of the effects of that law in the event of adoption of its draft in its current form , ” indicating the possibility of damage to public property
and noted the body was that “some of the legal wording in the current draft law related to [corruption crimes] will lead to the exclusion of anti – corruption efforts, it is not correct to the inclusion of some of the crimes of corruption of the amnesty law, while calling on everyone to fight this dangerous phenomenon , “indicating” the health of some of the proposals contained in the bill related to this door. ”
She emphasized that “vote on the draft general amnesty law needs to be reviewed by it, and theaccuracy in the wording so as to ensure non – release of thieves of public money subject , ” pointing out that “the House of Representatives did not involve the board of impartiality in the preparation of the draft of this law.”
It is noteworthy that “Article 3 / IV of the Act the board Aalenzahh force No. 30 for the year 2011 wasentrusted to the Authority the task of preparing bills in what contributes to the prevention ofcorruption or fight it . ”
the presidency of the Council of Representatives has decided to insert a paragraph vote on the amnesty law in the parliament session to be held on Monday , 15 / 8/2016, where the Council can not approve this law more than once; because of what was raised around the differences.

Urgent .. Peshmerga control the strategic road near Mosul


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Twilight News / Peshmerga forces gained control of the strategic road from the grip Daash, as part of Aaskarah process launched at dawn on the support of the international coalition.

An officer of the Twilight News, said the Peshmerga forces took control of the road between the village of Hamdania spend Kerkhh-easy Ninoy- and is now poised to break into the village Knhish.

Peshmerga forces managed to kill dozens of terrorists have offered towards the stronghold of al Daash near Mosul.

Peshmerga forces and filed a depth of 10 km zones Daash, and freed five villages.