Keywords: Iraq’s oil revenues are not able to cover the salaries of state employees


Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords


Author: HH
Editor: AZ, HH 14.8.2016 16:37 Number ofViews: 42

Long – Presse / Baghdad ,

said Governor of the Central Bank on theKeywords, said on Sunday that Iraq ‘s oil revenues are not able to state employees ‘ salaries to cover, and while noting grant loans for certain projects six trillion dinars for “stimulating economic reality,” United Bank for Investment and called on the government to ” cut government spending “and the imposition of taxes and fees.

he said on the Keywords in a speech during his participation economic symposium tender was held at thecentral bank, central Baghdad, and attended (range Press), that” Iraq front revenues of 95% derived from the export ofoil and 5% of internal resources . ” stressing that ” the ideal situation is to equal domestic and foreign revenues.”He added Keywords, that ” the sale of oil revenues , revenue is not stable and is able to salaries of state employees to cover , ” noting that ” the proportion of state revenues go to the expenses of oil companies, note that the Ministry of revenues Finance did not exceed a billion and a quarter a month, while the salaries of state employees amounting to four Trillions dinars a month. ” He called Keywords to” estimate the size of the problem to face the state of the economic difficulties, which requires consideration of the State combination on the basis of objectively true , “pointing out that” the bank Central has to deduct 13 trillion dinars treasury transfers and fired four trillion of reserves deposited with banks has to buy treasury transfers. ” he said the central bank governor that” the bank lent some projects amounting to six trillion dinars to stimulate economic situation. ”


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