For the Baghdad conference to confront «Daash»



8/15/2016 0:00

Ibrahim al-Abadi
For the second time within eight months hosted the Baghdad international conference psychological and media operations to support Iraq in the face of «Daash», the importance of the conference make sure the size of interest in international participation, and the desire to mobilize a lot of on follow-up terrorism to display their experiences and their perceptions of how to strengthen the Iraqi effort and the international face of savage regulations especially «Daash» as the heir to all the organizations on the ground in Iraq. What we are interested in Iraq is to combine the experience of others to our expertise and our experiences and take advantage of international support in the military and the media, legal and logistics areas to employ them in the fight against terrorism, the conference was a chance the world to see through the representatives of the Iraqi experience after thirteen years of hard struggle against the terrorist organizations, how evolved intelligence expertise? ,, And how you became media Ngttiyatha and their follow-up intellectual and psychological operations anti considering that the forces of terror excelled in this aspect and captivated the methods and tactics of many young people to join them, and influenced the others to advocate political and media and succeeded in seducing the third team to facilitate her intimidated by providing political and psychological floor.
But it is right to say that Iraq is a need for the types of support, participation and internationalization of the war on terror to be the responsibility of the international community, does not deny that the deepening Iraqi thinking and starts his own in the formulation of a comprehensive strategy to counter terrorism, ideologically, organizationally and in the media and psychologically in the light of what he acquired from the experiences and what his findings from the peculiarities may be absent from the international coalition or not Aaaraa enough attention, that success in driving out the terrorists from the lands it seized and edit cities, villages and re-displaced them and keeping the border efficiently national priorities urgent remain, but success in that does not mean that the next steps will be the same success and efficiency that were not vision and profound thought and organization, so that the strategy «Daash» new terrorists will return to what they call (Jihad Spite) after being approached by the loss of the land and the fall (Jihad empowerment). Lies the difficulty is rooted in the intellectual and the general principles that they spread them in the minds of millions and the presence of ground and psychological readiness to accept this thought because of media promotion and evangelization lawsuit rapid investment of political crises and sectarian harassment multiple shapes and conflicts,
Think about the Salafist combat has succeeded in publishing a globalized thinking and the adoption of the latest deployment, guidance and recruitment methods, taking advantage of the heritage of Islamic accumulated founded his Hanbali Baghdadi in the third century and then he developed considerably at the hands of al-Faqih Hambali Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah Harrani to emerge later in the desert of Najd at the hands of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab and then became protected by the authority of the state, and financier of oil dollars and become a religious school curricula and universities and the role of modern publishing advocates and elders speak in published in all media. From here it was danger in this simplistic religious arguments, which refuses to metaphor and hermeneutics and transcends historical time and place and live a holy one idea is the monopoly of knowledge and understanding of Islam and atone for those who do not believe in this thought and does not match with them in the methods and goals, they’re fighting a holy war on behalf of God, and for the revival of Sharia and their empowerment and dissemination of monotheism Taymi (ratio of Ibn Taymiyyah) and truncated states sword and jihad from the Koran and bury their states of kindness and acceptance of others and recognize the existence of different, this thought became Mbthotha not be met without an international effort to prevent promotion and support and criminalizing campaign and punishes its adherents because they have become a threat to human existence humanitarian? But where scientific academies and the role of the Mufti, preachers, imams and scholars to refute the rubble of theorizing thought Salafist unilateral Wild, where Azhar and Zaytuna and Kairouan, the villagers and the College of Imam Azam Iraqi university, that liberating the land and the elimination of a «Aldoaash» material and physical will not end this bloody era, enough political crisis or sectarian speech or maniacal religiosity Salafi that restores life to this violent behavior of new regulations for their re fallen caliphate, or in the form of wolves single kill in God’s name and retaliate against the people because they are not subject to the rule of law Bmenhjha Salafi, enough Amir runaway or illegal undercover for reviving these organizations in groves of Diyala or the outskirts of Mosul or the edges of the upper Euphrates or agricultural outskirts of Baghdad, we need a new effort to limit this thought and cut the road to call him and undermine floors to grow again. This Maihtaj to talk renewed.

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