Zain launches electronic payment solutions and prepared the first time in Iraq

Economy News / Baghdad

Zain has announced the launch of new features on the list of Zain Cash services to include electronic payment gateway via the Internet, indicating that the volume of electronic commerce in the Arab Gulf countries is expected to reach $ 40 billion in early 2020.

And the statement issued by Zain received the “Economy News”, a copy of it that this service is the first of its kind in Iraq, which will contribute significantly to support e-commerce in Iraq, noting that it allowed this service for sellers to use electronic payment mechanism for receiving their payments for Using websites and applications of mobile phones easy, fast and safe manner at any time and from any place, and on the other hand, will provide this service for individuals to buy goods and services via the internet.

The statement pointed out that the direct cash deal is now prevailing in Iraq and that the absence ofother payment methods , where the cash deal imposes high operational cost to the traders and theeconomy in general because of the collection and storage of money mechanisms that adversely affect trade, especially for service providers and business electronic commerce.

The statement infanticide that portfolio Iraq serve Zain Cash aims to change that by providing electronic payment gateway “Pay with Zain Cash” because it is considered an ideal solution to provide accurate work environment for service providers and to promote the digital economy and to support e-commerce, with the launch of the service, “I pay with Zain Cash” will become Iraqis can get a wide choice of products and services and paid from anywhere and at any time and effort and costs much less direct ways Mqarndta payment these will include tickets, movie tickets, other products and services.

He weighs Tamimi, General Manager of Iraq’s portfolio in the text of the statement, “The volume of e-commerce in the Arab Gulf countries is expected to reach $ 40 billion in early 2020, and as the number of Iraq’s population, nearly 70 percent of the Gulf’s population and in addition to having a large consumer segment This heralds a bright future for e-commerce in Iraq as well.

He added that the first electronic payment means in Iraq will contribute to the expansion of e-commerce areas and will have a similar effect to the effect of “PayPal” on e-commerce in the United States or the impact of credit cards on the global economy.

Electronic payment will enable users to deposit the electronic money into their mobile phones, the transfer of funds to and from all of Iraq’s provinces, to withdraw and deposit money from the thousands of accredited centers, buy electronic goods and products via the Internet, and more.



2 thoughts on “Zain launches electronic payment solutions and prepared the first time in Iraq

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    Thanks for covering Zain Iraq news and new services in your weblog, It’s part of keeping the viewers on right track of update economy news, so well done.

    We are from Zain Iraq we can provide you with English version of the press release, so you save your time and cost of the translation.

    And if you guys provide us with an email address to start a collaboration with Zain Iraq.



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