The joint forces killed hundreds of militants in Khalidiya Island hiding in a secret network of tunnels



Launching a security operation to treat waste (Daash) in Khalidiya Island
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Down hot confrontations waged by the joint forces in Khalidiya Island Mqanh provide answers about the liberation of Fallujah speed over a month ago.

Recently forces have managed to kill a large number of militants who escaped from Fallujah to Khalidiya Island, and disappeared in circumstances that raised a lot of speculation.

And until the moment facing the security forces in the “island” bond between Fallujah and Ramadi, the risk Daash militants who are hiding in the tunnels and trenches stretching over long distances, and the Bembagth military units from time to time.

So far, the region is experiencing the infiltration of militants across the Euphrates River from the desert areas, in repeated attempts to restore Khalidiya Island two weeks after the start of military operations cleared.

And raised the rapid liberalization of Fallujah, the end of last June, questions about the size of the organization Daash in the city that have undergone control for a period of two years.

The local official has revealed (range), days after the restoration of the city, Iraqi and coalition targeting aviation, for hundreds of Daash cars, graduating in mysterious circumstances of Fallujah toward the desert. The official confirmed that the aircraft was destroyed half the convoy, in which 450 of the wheel.There were conflicting reports about the size of the convoy and the number of gunmen inside.

The militants sought Daash, according to accounts of officials in Fallujah, to get to the point where she had witnessed his birth in Iraq, the so-called (Wadi Horan).

The army aviation commander Gen. Hamid al-Maliki, told a news conference published by the Ministry of Defence site, has talked about a convoy consisting of 700 cars was moving at 11 kilometers in length, confirming the destruction of 130 vehicles.

Abadi denied categorically denied allegations of allowing some terrorists out of Fallujah and the existence of a dialogue with them, saying it is “a crime against the Iraqi people and displaced and fighters.”

The island a haven for Daash

He says Ghassan Ithawi, a crowd of tribal leaders who are in Khalidiya Island, said that “Daash around the island into a safe haven for those who escaped from Fallujah and the inability to escape to the Upper Euphrates areas because of the military cordon imposed by the X band of the Iraqi army.”

He Ithawi, in connection with the (range) yesterday, that “Khalidiya island vast and rugged area, where dense groves,” adding that it “helped militants hiding inside.” He talked about the surprise security forces of killing a large number of gunmen arrived in several hundred.

It was Maj. Gen. Ismail Mahlawi, commander of the Anbar Operations, has recently announced that the military operations to cleanse the island of Khalidiya killed about 650 terrorists of al Daash, most of them suicide bombers who refuse to surrender.

Mahlawi said in a press statement, said that “military units managed through the process of finding an explosive device 480 have been processed, as well as the dismantling of dozens of homes mined.”

The commander of the Anbar Operations had announced the beginning of August now, launching a military operation to regain control of Khalidiya island, 23 km east of Ramadi.

Ithawi and asserts that “most of the gunmen who were killed were from Arab and foreign nationalities in addition to the local armed clans of the sons of those areas.”

Tunnels and intruders

And take responsibility in the region, each of the X band and federal police as well as the regiment’s Tactical Police Anbar and tribal crowd. These combined forces Taathdhir gingerly in clearing the rest of the enclaves on the island.

He says the leadership in mobilizing the tribes “are afraid of the militants who were hiding underground drilling as the organization a number of long tunnels.”

The local sources have revealed recently that the one who took over the incision spending in favor of Daash in Khalidiya Island, occurred in the grip of the security forces and the Barashadha to places tunnels.

Use Daash series of tunnels inside residential neighborhoods in Fallujah and Ramadi, to facilitate the movement of armed men through, and to prevent detection of the Iraqi Airways.

In addition to the network of secret tunnels, the hackers from Khalidiyah Island to the desert is something of concern to the security forces. Hackers are trying to search for a foothold for them by navigating across the Euphrates River.

Ithawi revealed that on Friday evening a number of infiltration of suicide bombers saw Daash to the island.But he said the “joint forces and tribal crowd were able to kill five of them, but there are still combing between the houses and orchards operations to search for the rest.”

The local sources in Mosul, has recently revealed the execution of the organization “Daash” Eight of its elements fleeing from Khalidiyah island battles by cooking gas.

And arrived fleeing across the road stretching between the island Khalidiya and Mosul, after he escaped from military operations in eastern Ramadi. Most of the executed from Arab and foreign nationalities. It was the execution before the eyes of passers-by in the city of Mosul.

Road to the existing

Iraqi forces and a group of “islands” stretching from Ramadi even modern. In spite of that axis it includes some scattered villages, but they are located in a vast and open areas, and you will need a military effort and great human. According to the leaders of the field.

Daash militants still control the cities: Rawah, Anah, and Qaim, in western Anbar province, while the coalition forces have continued shelling (cupboard) for about 25 days, before the intervention of Iraqi forces last month.

It is expected Amal Fahdawi, a member of the Anbar province, to start editing those areas operations after securing “Khalidiya Island.”

Said Fahdawi (range) yesterday, said that “the decision to edit western Anbar areas, estimates relating to military command.” But he wished to commence operations as soon as possible and that preceded the border between Syria and Iraq cut.

And take Daash of spend-based head of the command and control center in Iraq, in terms of the city near the Syrian border, and the decline of strikes Iraqi army weapons and foreign about them.

The international coalition has carried out at the end of 2014 in terms of the existing pommel air strike targeted a meeting of the leaders of the big Daash. The news leaked out injured organization’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was a participant in the meeting.

And then the news has not been confirmed killed al-Baghdadi, but the sites and accounts of pro-regulation on social networking sites exchanged “mysterious condolences,” and calls for patience.

Controlled organization on the western Anbar regions in the summer of 2014, after his gunmen flow across the Syrian border, prompting Iraqi forces to withdraw from those cities.

.. Of Wael blessing

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