The benefits of the central bank for loans simple parliamentary economy

Date Added 13/08/2016 – 11:46

Economy News / special

The economic and investment commission parliamentary promised that the benefits of agricultural, industrial and commercial loans and even residential imposed on citizens by the Central Bank of Iraq, “simple.”

Committee Chairman Ahmed Alknati in an interview for “Economy News”, all industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential loans were very simple benefits to the citizens they are considered liquidity to banks.

He added that his committee “confirmed during the recent meeting with the industrial, agricultural and commercial banks managers in addition to the bank Rafidain and Rasheed that the fees are very simple to the requirements of the needs of these banks and the wages and salaries of their employees, therefore, these simple benefits do not affect the loan nor the citizens.”

It is noteworthy that, the cabinet approved during its meeting on the 31 of last May, to launch a Government loan to the sectors of housing, industry and agriculture form the amount of “6.5 trillion dinars” in the framework of the axis of economic reform, diversifying its sources and transportation of rentier economy to a productive economy and transform the state system the economic system from a consumer to a multi-resource production system, according to what has been announced by the media spokesman of the Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi.


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