Urgent edit villages Jbh and Zhilalh south of Mosul and raising the Iraqi flag over them



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{Baghdad} Euphrates News security forces managed day of liberation and Zhilalh Jbh villages south of Mosul and raising the Iraqi flag over them.
A statement by the cell media war received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that ” the heroes of the band ninth armored and counterterrorism liberated villages Jbh and Zhilalh south of the city of Mosul and raised the Iraqi flag over them.”
He added that ” the villages Jbh and Zhilalh out of four villages of the security forces advanced to edit and we left the villages of knee and stump “.anthy

Urgent start of the parliamentary session to vote on the amnesty law


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[Where – Baghdad]
House of Representatives held on Saturday its meeting, to vote on the amnesty law and define thepowers of the presidency.
Correspondent agency all of Iraq [where] that ” the meeting was held under the chairmanship ofSalim al – Jubouri , and the presence of 200 deputies.”
It includes the parliament session agenda of today ‘s vote on the membership of the MP [nostalgia Qaddo] and MP [Jassim Mohammed Jaafar in a panel of experts choosing the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights , members and vote on the draft general amnesty law as well as a vote on the draft anti – terrorism “law. It
also includes a general topic for discussion travel officials abroad and the first reading of a bill tocompensate victims of justice and the first reading of the law for the project to compensate thevictims of law – seekers from the popular uprising camps, the first reading of the draft terms ofreference Act President of the Republic, the report and discuss the draft census law, and discuss thedraft report and the Iraqi Syndicate of academics law.


Obama’s envoy arrives in Erbil, Barzani discuss with the restoration process Mosul


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[Where – Arbil]
reached US special presidential envoy in the international coalition against terror Daash gangs, Brett Macgork, Saturday, to Arbil.
According to Kurdish sources Macgork met with the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani.
He announced Macgork in a tweet on his account on the site “Twitter”, he had met in Erbil with regional government officials Kurdistan to discuss the restoration of Mosul process.
The visit comes in conjunction with the imminent launch of the restoration of the city of Mosul process.
the US President ‘s special envoy in the international coalition against terror Daash gangs, Brett Macgork arrived yesterday to Baghdad and met with officials, and discussed with them the preparations Mosul editing process.


Development Bank of the German hurry to lend to Iraq for the reconstruction of liberated areas


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[Oan- Baghdad]
head of the reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist attacks Fund Abdul Basit Turki said that the new ambassador of the State of Germany promised to accelerate the German Development Bank loan for Iraq.
Turki said , according to a statement his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, during ameeting with Franz Joseph crimp, the new German ambassador in Iraq, that Iraq is estimated to help friendly countries, stood with him especially in light of his need for the reconstruction of regions devastated by terrorism. ”
He added Turki “it was during the meeting placed a loan of the German development Bank , which will be submitted to Iraq and ways to accelerate the implementation and technical issues relevant to the discussion, as well as Germany ‘s support to the efforts and work of UNFPA.”
The head of the Iraqi fund to the German ambassador promised to accelerate the loan fund allocated to the devastated areas and begin Boammarha to be able to .