Jubouri is threatening to file a lawsuit against the Minister of Defense and a number of officers



Since 13/08/2016 17:24 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD – balances News

He threatened the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, Saturday, filed a lawsuit against Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, and senior officers at the ministry on the background of a video published Obeidi included confessions to face charges of witness Jabouri and a number of officials.

Jubouri said in a statement received by the Office / balances News / copy of it, “some of the social networking sites picked up a video showing people hidden features in the Office of the Secretary of Defense as he spoke of allegations and lies, not much different from what we have heard and we have seen previously.”

The statement added that “tape is full of lies and fabrications which the least that the President of the House of Representatives does not possess any office in Diyala province,” explaining that “this registry have passed more than a week has sent the defense minister to be circulated as an indictment of House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the judiciary.”


He Jubouri, according to the statement that “the judicial authorities concerned has subsequently call the person on the tape for recording his statement formally, and if the witness before a magistrate collapsed, the witness admitted that he had taught the words that occur in the tape by the Minister of Defense and a number of senior officers in the ministry and some of whom appeared in the video, as the witness admitted that he had received promises by giving large sums of money and appointments in the ministry for himself and his relatives in exchange for it. ”


He pointed out that “the person in question is still being held by the competent organs on charges of perjury and false news”, adding that “what happened today is an extension of a series of legal violations and fabrications and allegations that are meant to mislead the public opinion.”


The statement continued that “Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the process of the establishment of a lawsuit against the Minister of Defense and a number of senior officers in the ministry and follow legal avenues in that” .anthy 29/33 h


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