BarhemSaleh seeks further help from US for Peshmerga

Twilight News / visited US President Barack Obama’s envoy in the war against “Daash” Brett Macgork at the head of a US delegation, the second deputy secretary general of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Salih, in his residence in Arbil.
The US delegation included both the US ambassador to Baghdad, Stuart Jones and US Consul in Arbil, and the number of advisers in the US State Department, while the inclusion of the National Union delegation as well as the benefit of Minister of Construction of the Kurdistan Regional Government Derbaz Rasool.
During the meeting, as well as it emphasizes the need to provide relations between Erbil and Washington, touched on the preparations for the process of liberation from the control of Mosul “Daash”, stressing the need for the participation of all parties with all its capabilities to defeat the terrorists and eliminating the threat of terrorism.
And on the post “Daash” in preventing recurrence risk is similar to the base and “Daash,” and to find a radical treatment of the Iraqi crises cascading been talk about the role of political forces and parties, Iraqi and coalition forces, it was particularly talking about the possibility to exercise United States and allied countries an important role in this trend.
He said during the meeting in favor of the important role of international support and the US in the war against “Daash,” and urged support for more aid to forces Alپeshmrگh.
Come and visit Macgork to meet with the benefit of a long meeting held by the American side with the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani and discussed the preparations for the liberalization of Mosul.
Saleh had visited Tehran a few days ago and has held a number of meetings with senior officials in Iran.

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