Obama’s representative for the International Alliance gives the green light for the Liberation of Mosul

Friday 09 November 1437 e – August 12, 2016 AD

In a move that could see a consensus US – Iranian ..

US President gave the envoy of the international coalition against al “Daash” Brett Macgork Iraqis a green light to launch a military operation to liberate Mosul, under the extreme reticence on the date of its launch.

He advised the envoy of the US president during his current visit to Baghdad, the Iraqis “need to focus their efforts to liberate Mosul,” a reference to the importance of Collapse differences between the political forces and asserting that “the end of the military preparations for the forthcoming liberalization of the city’s process.”

Macgork said that “what happened to the House of Representatives recently an Iraqi internal affair and does not affect our campaign against Daash”, calling on Iraqis to pay attention and focus on fighting “Daash.”

She emphasized private sources (Riyadh) that “there is a consensus between Washington and Tehran on the participation of the popular crowd at the upcoming military operation to liberate the city of Mosul.

These sources added that “there are indirect contacts between the parties and that Washington does not put a veto on the participation of the crowd, but they prefer to be the participation of the crowd outside the city center and on the outside parties,” which refers to the possibility of re-edit gray scenario during the upcoming operation.


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