Parliamentary Finance: Do not reduce the salaries of staff

Economy News / special

Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed the Iraqi government’s ability to pay employees’ salaries and insurance, despite the drop in oil prices, denying the existence of any reduction in the salaries of employees in the next year’s budget in 2017.

He said committee member Majda al – Tamimi’s “Economy News”, that the government is able to pay the salaries of employees , particularly those with lower grades despite the drop in global oil priceshim.

She added that “the budget next year, will not see any reduction of the salaries of the staff did the House of Representatives allows it,” asserting that “the country’s economic situation is good compared to last how long, and what the current government is just a correction of the track pervert the previous successive governments in managing the economy”.

Tamimi and showed that “Iraq has received additional meals of international bank loans contributed to the enhancement of Iraqi cash reserves and raise the value of the dinar compared with the dollar and the strengthening of the domestic market

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