Kurdistan: all agreements with Washington with the knowledge of the central government


BAGHDAD / Republic News – denied the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iran Nazem Dabbagh Government of the Territory to be handed the United States military base in its territory, stressing that the contacts with the American side is limited to the subject of American logistical support to forces and Kurdish Peshmerga.

Nazem Dabbagh said in a newspaper interview that all communications between the Government of the Territory of the United States of America made with the knowledge of the central government in Baghdad.

On the visit of the President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan delegation Barham Saleh to Tehran, Dabbagh said that the visit resulted in a number of understandings between the two sides discussed the favor with Iranian officials a number of issues including bilateral relations between Tehran and Erbil, the issue of terrorism, also examined the parties involved need to reach understandings between the central government and some of the parties in the region.

Dabbagh pointed out that Iran officials urged the Kurdish side the importance of ending the differences through negotiations between the various parties in the Iraqi arena.

Dabbagh said: that the Government of the Territory in line with the vision of the Islamic Republic, which in turn emphasizes the need for Iraq’s unity and harmony, adding that the dispute between the central government and the provincial government is the subject of the demands of the Kurds and the rights stipulated by the law, as he put it.


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