Urgent Parliamentary Integrity: Defense gave us [CD] where a recording of the voices of important personalities

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Parliamentary Integrity: Defense gave us [CD] where a recording of the voices of important personalities

[Oan- Baghdad] 

revealed to the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, said Defence Minister Khaled al – Obeidi, gave her a compact disc [CD], where a recording of the voices and personalities described as “important” , accusing his accusations of corruption.

He said committee member called Shaker, in a press statement, that ” the Commission today hosted the Minister of Defense and lasted for 6 hours and gave us a compact disc in which a recording of the voices of deputies, and some important Alchksat,” noting that ” the clear voices that we heard in the disc was the deputy Mohammad Karbouli” . 

He added : “tomorrow we host MPs Mohammad Karbouli demanded architectural and we will give a full report to parliament on the investigation” unlikely, that “condemns Jubouri information.” 

The Committee on parliamentary integrity today hosted defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi to cast testified on the charge of corruption to Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri and MPs and officials. 

he denied al – Obeidi, subjected to any case of “blackmail or pressure” to pass the transactions or operations of the corruption of the leaders and deputies of the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance , and even from the majority Sunni representatives exception of reminded them in the interrogation session. 

he said the integrity Committee member of the parliamentary Haider Alfoada told all of Iraq [where] , ” the defense minister did not give evidence and proof to it, but accept some of the accusations and allegations raised in the questioning in the parliament session last week.” 

he noted a member of parliamentary integrity “We asked the defense minister whether parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri , among one of the intended Badthamth explained that the MP Mohammed Karbouli was speaking on behalf of al – Jubouri. ” 

he pointed Alfoada that” the defense minister declined to give his evidence to the parliamentary integrity and justified so that the Committee is representative of the components of political blocks and failing to maintain the course of the investigation and that he presented to the courts and can not be submitted to the Committee. ” 

the defense minister Khaled Obeidi, has been accused in the interrogation at the parliament session Monday , parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri and MPs and officials to exercise extortion to pass arming decades around suspicions of corruption worth millions of dollars, said al – Jubouri , “March political blackmail to pass arming and buy cars decades to be forwarded to those close to him for the purpose of obtaining operations kickbacks to Iraqi blood account. ” 

the Minister of defense, Wednesday Almmadi testified to the integrity Commission, and gave her files and documents belonging to his accusations. 

He denied the parliament speaker Salim al – Jubouri accused al – Obeidi, said lifting lawsuit against him. 

and issued the judiciary and the court integrity decree banning the travel of the defendants have been named in the questioning session , including al – Jubouri. 

Office Jubouri, said a “Karkh Court, issued on Sunday a memorandum of bringing in the right of the defense minister for defamation means the public is not to rely on evidence of identification.” 

the President of the parliament today testified in the integrity Commission about the charges against him.


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