The central bank sets a mandatory five points for banks, companies and warns of legal accounting


6-08-2016 03:49 PM


Central Osdralpennek Alaraca, documents which obliges all private banks ‘approved’ companies Almala, conversion and corporate broker for buying and selling currencies Alajunbah, b 5 Anagat, warning Ayaha, legal accounting if it has Mkhalvh, those ‘practices’ five.

The documents Aly, Fatah Central Bank ’email’ from which receives all the requests and proposals submitted by the Alamlae, indicating that the central bank governor will brief directly to the lists in the e-mail referred to in the documents.

She stressed that the ‘mediate when figures or Kianat, either directly or Mbacr, ordered Merfod’, tight’ to inform the Central Bank in any way (blackmail) by Mozver, for a stroll and other transactions. “

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