Flight International Coalition destroys four Daashah headquarters north of Ramadi

 6.8.2016 15:01

[Where – Anbar]
destroyed Airways International Coalition on Saturday, four premises belonging to the terrorist gangs Daash in Albu Diab area north of Ramadi, according to Anbar Operations Command.
According to media leadership in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, ” TheFlight of the international coalition was destroyed this morning four headquarters of gangs Daash terrorist in Albu Diab area north of Ramadi District, and kill all Aldoaash Who ‘s in it .”
” The aircraft destroyed the wheel carrying a single 23 mm and killed them in Tibane Albu zone. ”
the Anbar operations command announced this morning, destroying Daashah spending and the arrest of three of the terrorist elements, while the bombed plane march gathering of guerrilla terrorist Daash killing 11 Daashaa and Tdamr wheel them east of Ramadi .

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