Urgent Obama: we sent more soldiers to Iraq to liberate Mosul and we will eliminate Daash

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US President Barack Obama announced on Thursday evening, about sending more US troops to Iraq.

Obama said in a speech after a meeting with senior military leaders in the Pentagon on the war on Daash “We have sent more troops to Iraq specifically for the Base Qayyarah in preparation for the Liberation of the city of Mosul , a stronghold of the organization Daash in the country.” 

And “we have made ​​significant progress in Mosul and Syria, and the continuation of Daash easy publicity for the organization, but I feel good in the progress that has been achieved in the face of Daash in Iraq and Syria. ” 

he added , ” We spent a number of leaders Daash leaders and others are not safe from our strikes, we will not allow al – Qaeda no matter what was taken from the names that have strongholds in Iraq and Syria . ” pointing out that “we kill [Omar Khalifa , who was an important element in Daash.” 

he stressed Obama, that ” the organization Daash will be defeated in the end and we are working with all means to resolve the Syrian crisis.” 

he stressed , “it is necessary to defeat Daash in Iraq and Syria is readily enemy for the defeat, but his threat will remain an enduring , which threatens the whole world , “stressing that” the alleged succession of regulation will be eliminated. ” 

He added , ” Kadon with the help of our allies on the military elimination of al Daash but hard to eliminate the threat of terrorist attacks abroad , “noting that” Daash carried out attacks major terrorist abroad. ” 

the President , ” We carried out raids on Daash in the Libyan city of Sirte, and can not defeat the United States, it is important to continue the war on the organization and we will continue the war in all fronts. ” 

he stressed Obama , ” there is a need for greater use of intelligence to face Daash in Mosul and tenderness , “pointing out that” the increasing pressures Daash in both Syria and Iraq prompted the organization to increase its attacks outside of these two countries. ”



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