Instructions of Investment Funds

Committee for preparation instructions licenses investment funds in Iraq, headed by Bank Antrza, Alkhamis, held a meeting to study the situation Help Investment Funds licenses in Iraq. 
Executive Director of the Iraq market for securities Almalah, Taha Ahmed Abdul Alsalam, and said he was’ under the guidance of the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords committee headed by the Central Bank and the membership formed every Mn, Securities Almalah, Market Iraq Body Exchange Almalah, addition to recording companies and the Association of Iraqi private banks circle ‘. 
Abdul Alsalam, He added that ‘the Committee held two meetings to date, the last day Alaravae, to study and develop instructions mutual funds licenses in Alarac’, noting that’ were some of the paragraphs for the work of this committee for the purpose of completing the stages of its work in the development of these instructions by regulating the legal basis put legal and adapt to the work of investment funds in Iraq. ” 
He explained that the ‘funds that we mean it and that concern the Iraqi investment, economic development and attracting national savings, as well as foreign funds are savings for the economy Alaraca, investment funds as possible to be an Iraqi and possible to be foreign.’

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