Iraq’s defense minister will make a statement before the Integrity Commission

Khandan – The head of the Integrity Commission Hassan Yassiri that the Commission will hear on Thursday to benefit the Defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi on his recent statements in the House of Representatives session. Among Yasiri in a statement that the body does not need to submit a request to lift the immunity of MPs who mentioned in al – Obeidi ‘s comments, because the body the investigative procedures preliminary, adding that the body will summon all the names that were mentioned at the meeting, starting with the President of the House of Representatives to the other members. He Yasiri to the body as a field teams with the task of opening the defense ministry files , particularly the issues mentioned , such as the issue of feeding the soldiers, showers and cars the (Mercedes) and bargain aviation, and other issues and contracts for the ministry. he said he will be the announcement of the results of these first teams go like the successful experience of field teams and mobile phones , which is familiar body in a number of ministries and institutions, and resulted from the referral of senior officials to the judiciary and re billion dinars to the state treasury, as well as stop wasting huge amounts of money. He noted Yasiri issue of Trath on the subject by his resignation earlier said , “despite the presentation of resignation to the Prime Minister at the end of the month of Ramadan , but the circumstances that have occurred especially what happened recently in the questioning of the Minister session defense pushed me to wait to move proceedings to resign, taking into account the public interest and importance and seriousness of the information received in the last interrogation session, stressing the need for asylum are exposed to blackmail and bargaining to the judicial authorities and regulatory bodies; in order to take the necessary measures against extortionists legal procedures and Almsaumen “no matter how senior Their height or believe strongly backgrounds partisan or political. ” He Yasiri ready body to carry out operations adjusted against any official or politician or person exercising blackmail or threat to employees or officials operations; in order to Zlhm or force them to indulge or slipping into the operations of corruption at the expense of public money. He called officials and citizens need to cooperate with the body via the communicated cases of extortion, to carry out adjustments in flagrante delicto for those involved, to be an example to others, and “The exposure to blackmail or compromise he stakeholders from regulatory agencies and the judiciary notice, and this is a legal requirement and is not Joizia or special mood; so as not to miss the opportunity in arresting those involved and they Mtalpson red – handed, but so as not to execute or weaken the evidence later , “directed the call to citizens and officials and members of the House of Representatives all” to extend the body with their guides and Akhbarat supported, particularly those relating to compromise or blackmail to state employees or government officials; for the purpose of subjecting them or Zlhm from the right path and to involve them or force them to cover up or condone corruption operations; in order to take the necessary investigative steps. ”

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