The central bank stands ready to “liquidate” special entitlements farmers Treasury bonds

Iraqi Central Bank building in central Baghdad Imaging (Mahmoud Raouf)
Author: AHF, HH

Editor: AHF, HH 8.2.2016 17:27 

Long-Presse / Baghdad
It expressed the Iraqi Central Bank, on Tuesday, ready for “monetization” of treasury bonds to pay off the dues of farmers while issued by the Ministry of Finance.

He said the Iraqi Central Bank in a statement received (range Press) copy of “The Bank declares its readiness to liquefy the special treasury bonds to pay farmers dues while issuance of the Ministry of Finance.”

The Agriculture Committee in the House of Representatives revealed, in the 28th of July 2016, its intention to adopt a resolution of parliament obliging the government to pay the dues of farmers within ten days, while threatened to question the officials in the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank on the delayed payment of arrears since 2014.

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