Parliamentary Finance is discussing with the new managers of the banks to maintain liquidity


Parliamentary Finance Committee discussed with the new bank directors, maintaining Iraq’s cash flow from waste, as well as discuss the Banking Act.

According to a statement of the Commission, today, said that “Finance Committee Chairman MP Faleh force, met with managers of the new banks after receiving their positions as managers two years in several Iraqi banks, in order to discuss the Banking Act, the sender of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.”

The sarees, “These meetings aim to walk according to the draft reforms as well as for the organization of Iraqi banks and prevent manipulation.”

The statement said, “it was discussed during the meeting the most important banking issues and to address the most important problems that contribute to save the Iraqi liquidity from the money they waste a year maintains Aguetsadr country.”

المالية النيابية تبحث مع مدراء المصارف الجدد الحفاظ على السيولة النقدية

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