Parliament postpones consideration of the issue of resolving the interrogation of al-Obeidi to hearings next week [Extended]


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postponed the second deputy speaker of parliament , Sheikh Mohammad Aram considering the issue ofresolving the questioning of Defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi to hearings next week.
According to a statement to the House of Representatives received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Monday that “the House of Representatives questioned at its eighth ordinary of the legislative term first third legislative year , headed by Deputy Chairman of the Board Aram Sheikh Mohammed , in the presence of205 deputies on Monday, 01/08/2016 Defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi. ”
at the outset of the meeting, headed by Salim al – Jubouri, MP Hamid vegetation in a speech that thePresident Fuad Masum said in a televised statement about the existence of 529 death sentences carried out , including 310 provisions while the verdicts is executing 219 a judgment as well as the non-arrival of death sentences for those involved with terrorist offenses and belonging to organize terrorist Daash.
the MP pointed vegetative to the Minister of justice said during hosted in one of the committees of the House of Representatives that the executions were in 2889 sentenced to death for terror suspects, calling for theformation of a parliamentary committee investigative of the season in contradiction stated in numbers between the two parties in order to implement justice and the punishment of criminals. ”
turn the President of the House of Representatives Committees on Human rights and legal offering is based on the figures stated in this regard report.
hosted the Council tasked tray marshes Committee within the World Heritage list under the chairmanship ofPresident of the Republic Qahtan al – Jubouri adviser. this
was followed by Presidential Advisor issued a statement in which he reviewed the stages of submission put the marshes on the World Heritage list of UNESCO file, stressing that the file is too important being thatcombines the archaeological heritage and environmental heritage, stressing that the three presidencies and ministries concerned efforts Tzafart to put seven archaeological sites on the World Heritage at once to be anumber of sites placed on the list , 11 archaeological sites throughout Iraq, praising the role of the President and the Prime Minister and the President of the House of Representatives to hold contacts with thecountries concerned and field visits to the marshes site.
the president of the committee that Iraq is in front of a big responsibility to preserve the marshes in theWorld Heritage , which requires the existence of standards should be applied through committees graduate, declaring that the Committee in connection with the preparation of seven other files to Iraqi cities for itsinclusion on the list of heritage and make it a tourist attraction from around the world locations to support the Iraqi economy, calling on the Council to vote on the continuation of the Commission ‘s work to complete the annexation of other sites to the list.
President al – Jubouri , and gave thanks to the efforts by the Commission and their contribution to the achievement of achievement is important, noting that the ongoing Council supported the Commission in thesuccess of their work, declaring that the council will take over the committees of culture and Information, Agriculture and marshes and external relations honoring the members of the committee in appreciation of their efforts in the service of Iraq, praising the role of the Foreign relations Committee in providing support of the Commission.
on the other hand the Council questioned Secretary of defense at the request of the high Nassif Rep.
and welcomed Jubouri behalf of the Council Balobeida and advanced staff in the ministry, praising the high MP Nassif Introduction questioning request, noting that the process of questioning the practice associated with the House of Representatives, according to the Iraqi constitution by provoking issues being discussed by the questioner and presenter of the motion, stressing the importance that not be the questions ofinterrogation subject to political calculations or personal.
at the outset of the interrogation inquired high MP Nassif for the establishment of the General hospital of thearmed forces and the reluctance own and corruption , especially since the amount of more than 147 million contract dollars has been extended by the minister to three years instead of 18 months completion rate of 1-6 so far , 65% and contractor vowed to complete work on 04.15.2015 , but the work stopped , and thereasons not to take legal action to pull the work as a committee was formed after a visit the minister of thehospital to resolve the issue of the provision of medical equipment and has pressure on the person concerned to accept appliances, despite all the violations and stopped the company Is there a vision for thecompletion of the project and the accomplished.
In answering the defense minister stressed his readiness to clarify the facts all in front of the House ofRepresentatives alluding to previous claims to postpone the questioning request being is still under consideration by the Federal Court.
he noted that the contract armed forces Hospital struck in 2009 and is supposed to be delivered in 2013 at $ 136 billion dinars , noting that he was supposed to be former Ministry held accountable for the contractor ,but after the inauguration of the ministry has been monitoring the business and pay benefits of what hasbeen accomplished, stressing he was awarded the Contractor deadline with two choices : either be withdrawn work from the contractor Almtlki and recourse to the courts or the completion of work in every way to get to the final result.
in replying MP Nassif confirmed that the company concerned made in the era of the Minister Saadoun al -Dulaimi , a request for the Department of defense to delay fines were converted the application of the legal department , which refused to delay fines and not to advance exchange, prompting the former minister to operational advance Exchange refused pointing out that the current defense minister after taking office approved the payment of sums of money to the company.
for his part, al – Obeidi said the company executing pledged to implement the work that was out of thecontract, wrong and what happened as a result of long accumulations were exchange based on a decision of the Committee on contracts.
and on the accusations made by the Secretary of defense to the President of the House of Representatives and high Naiptin Nassif and Hanan al about getting involved issues of corruption and attempts to get the military commissions decades, President al – Jubouri , stressed that all that has been mentioned the names of those who including the head of the House of Representatives will be subject to an investigation by an investigative committee will be formed by the council, noting that with the existence of problematic by some after mentioning names, including the head of the Council name I do not mind, Mr. Vice – President of theCouncil session management, indicating his willingness to personally bear all responsibility in if found what has been mentioned.
at the request of Syria , Sheikh Mohammed chairman and defense Minister gave names that drew her accusation.
In his intervention the President of the House of Representatives confirmed that there are goals and intentions to derail the process of questioning with no neglect of what has been mentioned names and facts and ready to appear before the judiciary and the investigation of what Word and charges are harassed and miscarriage and touch the characters wanted to find the truth, calling to find out how much money and contracts that have been obtained in the case were correct, inquiring about the reasons for keeping silent about these facts and raised in the questioning session, stressing his asylum to the courts to get to thetruth.
He announced Jubouri lack Oatlah platform presidency of the Council to prove his innocence of the judiciary and of the integrity of the accusations made against him.
and wondered high Nassif MP for ideas submitted by the minister to the owners of a number of companies including over contract terms planes get through the financial commission where it was yesterday to give astatement of two witnesses admitted of being intermediaries and that the minister received a sum of money.
and replied , Defence Minister that the matter for bargaining and blackmail on the one military positions , as I am bound to one of the witnesses old relationships and stole paper from the minister ‘s office includes theconduct of business for purposes of extortion, noting that he was executing the contract to send the aircraft by the company funding but the contract is beyond any reproach, expressing his willingness to confront those who come with witnesses against him and that he did not receive any amount.
it noted high Nassif MP to be of service to the minister of defense line against the controls being covered by the procedures of accountability and justice.
he said al – Obeidi , the invalidity Mazkrth high Nassif MP about his inclusion in the accountability procedures justice pointing out that the issue process proceeds on the work within the security forces dissolved and not the taxpayer to assume the position.
She said high Nassif MP existence of the list of forty pilot them security indicators defense Minister allowed the return of 30 pilot them with the assignment of politicians dismissed employees on retirement.
In response between Mr. the defense minister said the accountability and justice has not been supplied on the mentioned any security indicators and their return to the ministry was a letter from the commanding general of the former armed forces Office, adding that the ministry did not refer any political separated into retirement.
She noted high Nassif MP to administrative irregularities committed by the Minister of defense on some appointments and training of pilots and retired after the end of the training period and disbursement of funds and sending attached to foreign embassies and to enter into contracts and stopped working the national balance in the liberation of Nineveh operations. in
turn drew the defense minister not to shall be obligated to respond to the questions of the lack of access tohim, pointing to the existence of requests from operations command Baghdad to the commander in chief of the armed forces directly be transferred to the Department of defense regarding the refusal to extend a pilot service after returning from training by the General commander of the armed forces of the age of legal consent and that one of the candidates for employment supplement in one of the embassies , a competent and professional, explaining his emphasis on achieving balance in leadership positions Nineveh operations.
the MP asked Nassif for solutions and actions taken in cessation of work contract rehabilitation and development of Essaouira air base agreement for an estimated $ 585 million implemented in 1080 on the implementation of on 18-1-3015 noting that the delay in implementation of the project will lead to the delay delivery of Korean planes.
He said the defense minister that the ministry had approached the prime minister , the existence of two choices : either the company Serbian executed waiting formerly of the base or display contract with thecompany Serbian, Korean , and got the approval of the former prime minister on a contract with the Korean company after attempts to deal with the company ‘s Serbian series stressing the introduction of thecompany Korean three subsidiary companies without the approval of the ministry which is what has strongly rejected.
and provided high MP Nassif another question the use of the Minister of defense showed the aircraft outside the contexts and controls for many times of personal and service while traveling to the province of Arbil , a waste of public money. The
minister denied Mazkrth MP Nassif , the fact that most of the countenances were among the missions the air force aircraft during training.
She drew MP Nassif to the Minister disburse $ 279 million for the rehabilitation of the role of the guesthouse is attached to the Ministry of defense, but the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. the
minister stressed not to subordinate the role of the ministry and all that has been spent was of the duties ofthe Ministry of defense in accordance with the powers of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.
and on queries high Nassif MP for the conclusion of two contracts to Chinese companies for the purchase ofMsltzmat soldiers helmets, shoes and other were not contain the examination of the experience of models.
for his part , the minister denied that the contract was canceled and did not execute was assign the contract to the Ministry of Industry Information for the processing of the ministry requirements of soldiers.
She asked MP Nassif buying ministry bombs carried by aircraft Alsaikoa unfit for the bombing. The
minister confirmed the information, noting that the Russian company exporting bombs the compensation ministry valid new quantities after they have been disclosed.
offered high Nassif MP passage photographer includes one tribal elders who pledged allegiance to organize Daash terrorist minister and appointed his son within the protections of Mr. Osama Najafi and enters always to the green Zone.
the minister said in his reply that there is no name Ibn al – Sheikh , who said the MP is not related to him at all.
showed MP Nassif existence of legal and administrative irregularities in the conclusion of the private Czech decade training and through intermediary company does not hold the base airports.
the Minister of defense that the training decades of military airworthiness and air force and navy, adding to the pilots trained in the Czech Republic of the most efficient pilots, noting that Cech refused to renew thecontract for non – financial feasibility.
She noted Rep . high Nassif to the existence of funds exist for the contract of Ukraine canceled the defense minister is trying to exploit.
the Minister of defense that the tankers that were imported in accordance with the contract Ukraine signed in 2009 were not working , but after the re – qualify by the Iraqi army , noting that canceled the approval ofPrime Minister decade the remaining amount of the contract, amounting to about $ 90 million will be restored only through the private bank to the contract or the purchase of weapons and ammunition.
and wondered high Nassif MP for the reasons for the insistence of the ministry to forward the draft rehabilitation Salaam flights base per tender form , although the location of the Aa_khas defense Ministry ,noting that the goal comes to get the commission.
He said al – Obeidi , the lack of health reported high MP Nassif , referring to the absence of any move to rehabilitate the base despite the need for the runway to rehabilitation.
at the end of the questioning session , demanded a high MP Nassif referral of contracts to the judiciary andpublic prosecution and the integrity Commission.
for his part, defense Minister not to Msahumich on the blood of the armed forces sons.
the feet of quitting MP thanks to all of the high Nassif MP and Defence Minister Khaled al – Obeidi calling for the formation of an investigative committee impartial and professional to consider what has been traded from the information in the interrogation session.
for his part , he gave Aram Sheikh Mohammed , Vice – President Council Thanked high Nassif to deputy al -Obeidi , a attending the questioning session, stressing that the Council Aalnwab will investigate the reported accusations by forming investigative committees and in accordance with the rules of procedure or through the judiciary.
and expressed high Nassif MP was not convinced by the answers of the defense minister in the questioning session.
He MP Qasim al – Araji that the issue of conviction answers defense minister must be voted on after thecompletion of the investigation into the accusations mentioned.
the MP Khalaf Abdul Samad to the importance of disclosure of the names that have not been mentioned by the Minister of defense to release the truth.
He suggested MP Khalid al – Asadi to postpone a decision on interrogation until the completion of theinvestigation as reported by al – Obeidi of information.
He said MP Ahmad al – Jubouri , the existence of options after the end of the interrogation, including the minister of confidence himself or at the request of 50 deputy during a specific period of time.
for its part , noted the MP , but Talabani , the need to differentiate between the interrogation , which took place among the accusations that have been forwarded to the President of the Council or some of the House of Representatives , which requires to proceed with the procedures for questioning and defense minister inaccordance with the legal and constitutional contexts.
the President of Syria , the meeting Sheikh Mohammed , to postpone consideration of the issue of resolving the interrogation sessions next week.
It was decided then adjourn the meeting to next Tuesday 9 / 8/2016.


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