Iraq, home to an international conference to combat terrorism with the participation of 50 countries

Twilight News / Media announced military cell, on Monday, that Baghdad will host an international conference to combat terrorism mid-month with the participation of 50 countries and more than 70 military expert.
She said in a statement the cell responded to Twilight News, “The conference will be attended by more than 50 countries, plus the United Nations and the European Union and NATO and the Office of the fight against international terrorism in London and the League of Arab States and more than 70 international experts.”
The statement pointed out that “the conference will be held under the slogan (the world with Iraq, to ​​defeat Daash).”
Iraqi security forces are locked in since the summer of 2014 continuing battles against militants regulation in the northern and western regions of the country with the support of the international coalition led by the United States of America.
Since that time, Iraqi forces have regained more than half of the territory seized by Daash, is preparing to launch a massive attack to grab Mosul, Iraq’s second biggest city.
But the militant group does not Azla controls large areas of Iraq and Syria launched his loyal attacks in Western countries in recent months, which led to widespread international concerns.

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