Parliamentary Security decided to postpone the questioning of the Minister of Defense until further notice hearing

History of edits:: 07.31.2016 18:38 • 

{Baghdad} Euphrates News of the Security and Defense Committee decided to postpone the parliamentary questioning of the Minister of Defense until further notice hearing.

A statement by the Ministry of Defense agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of the “Committee for Security and Defense parliamentary hosted this morning Defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi, at the headquarters of the House of Representatives During the meeting , a frank dialogue on issues of concern to the construction and development of the military establishment and the achievements during the period years, as well as examine the problem of special interrogation minister. ” 

the statement said that” the Commission decided , based on the surrounding country of objective conditions in the fight Daash, intensive preparations carried out by the Ministry of Defence for the Liberation of the city of Mosul, and the importance of continuing the momentum of the fighting and the achievement of the armed forces on the ground, as decided request to the presidency of the Council of Representatives to postpone questioning session until further notice and until the creation of the appropriate objective conditions. ” 

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al – Jubouri had drawn during the Saturday session that the Council has set Monday as the date for the interrogation of Khalid al – Obeidi , the defense minister , ” noting that ” The Council received a formal letter from the Ministry of Defence indicated it to be al – Obeidi , who was an official envoy to the United States, see after returning to questions submitted to it and demanded select a new date to attend to answer questions. 

the Council also rejected the request for postponement of the process of questioning and defense minister in the House of Representatives on be on time Mahdd.anthy


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