Iraqi Airways reveal the cause of one of its planes landing in Kuwait


Sunday 31-07-2016 | 11:45:1

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Twilight News / Ezzat Iraqi Airways on Sunday occurrence of the forced landing of one of its planes to a technical fault in the engine.

Airways said in a statement, that “the plane of Iraqi Airways Boeing 767 en route from Baghdad to Delhi after having to drop at Kuwait International Airport because of a technical glitch in the second engine.”

The statement pointed out that “the company is currently being prepared to send an Airbus 321 alternative to complete the journey.”

A spokesman for the Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad Jamal had said earlier in the day, it happened, “an Iraqi aircraft made an emergency landing, carrying about 230 passengers due to a technical glitch at Kuwait airport.”

He added that the beauty of the Kuwaiti authorities secured the plane landed, “pointing out that” the passengers and crew all in good condition and the staff of the Iraqi Embassy in Kuwait and the Office of Iraqi Airways to monitor this issue. ”

The Kuwaiti authorities, if technical fault hit the plane carrying 251 passengers, an Iraqi Airways, on Sunday evening, and forced it to make an emergency landing at Kuwait

الخطوط الجوية العراقية تكشف عن سبب هبوط احدى طائراتها في الكويت


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