Defense Minister: Daash leaders have sold their property and fled  

Baghdad balance He revealed the Iraqi defense minister, Khalid al-Obeidi, on the sale of the organization Daash leaders in Mosul, northern Iraq, Mmlkathm and escape from the city with the approach of the security forces to regain control.

Iraqi forces launched operations to regain control of the areas surrounding the city of Mosul, Iraq’s second city, dominated by the organization Daash early June 2014.

Obeidi said during a television interview with “” Iraqiya state television, said that “many of the families and the leaders of Daash in Mosul have sold their property and walked toward Syria.”

He said during the interview that “the department tried to sneak up toward the region,” referring to the Kurdistan.

The minister explained that “the problems started between the princes on the money that they took from the various foreign or Arab or Iraqi groups.”

And Mosul, the last city still under the control of the terrorist organization, and face the challenges of restoring control relevant to the preparation of displaced persons requires the preparation of a plan to secure their requirements Alansanah.anthy 29 / tc n


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