Abadi Office: Tax deduction is still under examination in the Council of Ministers [Expanded]

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said a spokesman for Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, said that ” the subject of the tax deduction is still under examination in the Council of Ministers, the government did not impose the tax did not send the bill to the House about them and being at the government level respect to debate only the higher grades salaries, and not the employees ‘ salaries at temperatures career ladder. ”

Saad al – Hadithi in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Sunday that ” the decision , which was issued by the Council of the Special Representatives of tax Balastqtaa and made ​​by a number of deputies of the statements in the media and in the parliament on the subject led to confuse and misunderstanding government ‘s position on the subject of the tax deduction , “he said , adding that” the main objective of the government is to achieve justice in the distribution of income between the lower grade staff who make up the overwhelming majority of the number of employees up to 95% of the general number of employees on the one hand and the staff of special grades and upper grades and including members of the House of Representatives and the rest of government officials on the other. ” 

he went on saying that” the article cited by the House of Representatives last decision , a 28 First of the Constitution, especially the principle of the imposition of the tax base, not to identify the container capacity while the Income tax Act No. 113 in force Article sixty – fourth gives the Minister of Finance is authorized by the authority to make statements or instructions to apply the provisions of this law dealing with many things, including the appointment of what the salaries and allowances and wages collected by the tax by direct deduction, Valavsal on the subject of the tax deduction , and depending on the income tax law was to include both Maitkadah employee Balastqtaa and not the nominal salary only. ” 

and that” this measure was in effect until 2008 when a decision was made ​​by the Prime Minister to halt the tax deduction for remuneration paid to directors general and their grade and above who continue the service and re withholdings of them from the date of Tsenmanm office, this decision confirms that the deduction before this date , it includes all Maitkadah senior staff and those with special grades came the decision to stop what was in effect before him on the tax deduction , which is referred to in paragraph II of the same resolution which provides for the exemption of state employees from taxes on allocations from from the date 1/6/2008 to prove this exemption in the supplementary budget for the 2008 project. ” 

He explained newborn that” talk that has been in the House of Representatives and the percentages referred to by the members of the House of Representatives for baseless and stress the importance of dealing with the facts accurately and dealing with sensitive subjects of this kind before taking far from reality in question decisions. ” 

He pointed out that” the Iraqi government continues its efforts to address the displacement crisis , where do their utmost and ridiculed all the capabilities available to Iraq in light of the critical and complex financial security conditions experienced by the country and issued directives to ministries and government agencies concerned Bastnfar energies to provide the basic needs of displaced people , especially with the progress of our forces in Nineveh operations and prepare for the start of the battle to liberate Mosul, due to these difficult circumstances crossed by Iraq, the Iraqi government headed and with persistence and great determination to the international community and humanitarian organizations and donor countries in order to support the efforts of Iraq to absorb the exodus of successive and massive to find immediate and rapid solutions to the crisis of displacement by providing the basic requirements for the displaced and work at the same time to find a final solution to this crisis and to address the phenomenon of displacement drastic treatment by rapid return and safe for displaced people to their cities after the liberation and re – qualify them to achieve security and stability and social and permanent human in them. ” 

He continued saying that” the ongoing Iraqi government ‘s efforts culminating in the recent donors ‘ conference and monitor the amounts exceed two billion dollars will be spent in coordination between the United nations mission in Iraq and humanitarian organizations and relief goods from some of the donor countries and the Iraqi government over three years and will be distributed this money four doors president of spending are: the needs of shelter and relief to the displaced First, cleanse the liberated cities of improvised explosive devices and mines and ordnance Second, and achieve rapid stabilization in the liberated cities by providing basic services and the provision of humanitarian requirements of health and education necessary Third, and rehabilitation of the liberated areas and the reconstruction of its infrastructure devastating to achieve lasting stability in the Fourth. ” 

said a spokesman for the prime minister said” the funds of donor countries will speed up the government ‘s efforts to bring back displaced people to their towns , especially after he returned more than 80% of the displaced people of Salahuddin and returned more than fifty thousand families to the province of Anbar in Ramadi and Heath and wet and Khalidiya and the return of large numbers of displaced people of Diyala and the government is working continuously to overcome security and social and service obstacles to the return of the rest of the displaced people as soon as possible to their cities have already a cabinet took the decision to determine time limits for the return of the displaced to Anbar province , areas. ” 

He said the ” government is seeking to regulate work in the form of the popular crowd a manner that achieves better performance, accuracy and flow of the highest in the equipping and arming, training and funding of volunteers and a way that takes into account the rights and duties of the volunteers in the popular crowd and is going to be restructured in accordance with the requirements of the public interest based on the provisions of Article 78 of the Constitution and to ensure the independence of the crowd on the level political and confirms its position as part of the Iraqi armed forces linked to General Commander of the armed forces , and through the development of a hierarchy of hierarchical leadership and the General staff and dividing it into forms and combat brigades as well as subjecting employees of the popular crowd the window of the military laws in all respects and conditioning prescriptive and its affiliates, according to military contexts of the organization and the salaries and allowances and will decode employees of the Authority popular crowd who join to this formation after the restructuring and re – organization of all political loyalties and party affiliations are not allowed political work in their squad and will be organized in the formation of the crowd People who adhere to the regulations and standards referred to a link. ” 

He added newborn that” we welcome the House of Representatives adopted the decision at its recent regarding the House bill , as presented, which resulted in a new financial and moral privileges to members of the council are incompatible with the direction the government ‘s reform and inconsistent with decisions in reducing the officials and with the privileges of special grades in the state and without prejudice to the principle of fairness in the distribution of income to withdraw, and contrary to the government effort to reduce the gap and the differences between employees ‘ salaries and the salaries of those with graduate degrees, as well as set it in order mentioned draft of the new financial burdens on the state budget law , in conjunction with low income resources to unprecedented levels, and summon the decline of measures to improve the management of financial resources and re – prioritize spending , taking into consideration the requirements of the war against terrorism, and the pressure of government spending to reduce the deficit in the balance of payments. ” 

He stressed that” we pay tribute to the issuance of the House of Representatives to ban the Baath, entities and parties , and racist and terrorist activities Party as came to ensure the stability of the political life in Iraq and remedies for the victims of the era of the Baath regime, and we call on the House of Representatives to speed up in the rest of important laws to achieve the integration work between the executive and the legislature legislation. ” 

He explained , ” as part of an emphasis on the continued attention of the government Bawail martyrs of our armed forces and Alcecchelathm chock them – who are making their lives for the country – and people with acts of terror victims were directed by the commander in chief of the armed forces , Dr. Haider al – Abadi to Smaolin in Baghdad and the provinces to follow up the situation of the families of martyrs and inspecting and meet their needs as well as the completion of being granted their full rights transactions according to a quick and affordable mechanism as this matter is one of the priorities of the work of officials at this stage and in fulfillment of the sacrifices of the martyrs and the pride Bbtoulathm and honor for their families as well as interest in the wounded and the injured and work on ensure their adequate health care and the provision of treatment requirements. ” 

He concluded by saying that ” the commitment of the government and our heroic liberation of every inch of the land of Iraq from the control of terrorism , wanton have our combat troops embarked on the process of liberalization Khalidiya island they represent the target market is important guarantee to secure the international highway link between Baghdad the borders of Iraq with Jordan and Syria , and to secure the city of Ramadi and the surrounding areas are complete and permanent – and already for our troops to restore them from the grip of terrorism – and cut supply from terrorist gangs in the Heat Island and what it represents restore Khalidiya an island of support for the government ‘s efforts to accelerate the return of displaced people in these areas to lines their homes, Iraqi forces have been able to accomplish the first page of the editing process according to the plans set specific targets by the joint Special operations command. ”



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