Abadi office: reorganization of the popular crowd to upgrade it and guarantee its independence as part of the Armed Forces

Confirmed the Information Office of the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, on Sunday, the government’s determination to work organization Authority popular crowd to bring them up at all levels, taking into account volunteers’ rights and duties, while among the members of the body link your sword political loyalties and partisan affiliations and “not allowed” to work political in its ranks, counting that ensures the “independence” of the crowd and make it part of the Iraqi armed forces linked to its Leader year.Saad al-Sabri, a spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister, in a press briefing that, I followed (range Press), “The government is trying to organize the work in the form of the popular crowd a manner that achieves improved performance, accuracy and flow of the highest in the equipping and arming, training and funding of volunteers taking into account the rights and duties “.

The newborn, that “the government is moving to restructure the popular crowd and in accordance with the requirements of the public interest pursuant to the provisions of Article 78 of the Constitution, so as to ensure its independence at the political level and confirms its position as part of the Iraqi armed forces and associated general commander of the armed forces,” adding that “it is of during the development of the hierarchy of hierarchical leadership and split it into forms and combat brigades as well as employees of the popular crowd subdue the window of the military laws in all respects and conditioning prescriptive and its affiliates, according to military contexts of the organization and the salaries and allowances. ”

The spokesman, that “the employees of the Authority popular crowd who join this configuration link, sword after restructuring and reorganization, all political loyalties and party affiliations are not allowed political work in its ranks,” he continued, “will also be organizing the formation of the popular crowd who adhere to the regulations and standards referenced ”

The body the popular crowd, issued in the (26 July 2016), uncles order my book was released in, (the 22 of February 2016), re-formed and organized forces affiliate, the text on the grounds the crowd, “independent military formations working model comparable to the anti-terrorism , its affiliates and is subject to military laws in force, that the FAFSA affiliates link for political and party and all social frameworks. ”



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