Urgent [where] the names of the dead Daash leaders and raid – based scheme of Baghdadi and al – Zawahiri in Syria published

History of edits:: 29.07.2016 22:05 

[Oan- Baghdad] 

published by all of Iraq [where] dead , the names of the prominent leaders in Daash terrorist raid Iraqi gangs in the district – based western Anbar province, with the important details of the scheme in Syria prepared by two terrorists Madawan Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi, Daash leader, Ayman al – Zawahiri , al – Qaeda leader .

A statement by the Joint Special Operations Command / cell media war, received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that ” the hawks intelligence cell spotted unusual movement in the Qaim area in the presence of the leaders of Daash in what is called the state north of Baghdad , and the mandate of the south and Fallujah, Anbar and Mosul and the Euphrates and the state of goodness [Syria ]. ”

he added that,” according to the hawks intelligence cell information and coordination with the joint Special operations command directed the Iraqi air force aircraft accurate blows toward these goals to destroy three of them. ” 

The statement said that” this operation resulted in the killing of tens of terrorists and injured 11 others and destroyed the headquarters of the meeting and added The plant completely, as the operation also resulted in a large secondary explosion may be explosive belts and gear as well as the destruction of three wheels and blow up the store inside the headquarters and detonate two car bombs and the destruction of high explosives. ” 

The sources confirmed hawks cell , according to the statement, the operation led to the killing: 

1 – so – called deputy of Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi, who led the meeting of the States mentioned. 

2. The so – called Wali Fallujah , a slain Maher Albiloa alternative. 

3. The so – called official squads of suicide bombers [mandate of Fallujah. 

4. terrorist named Abu Bakr al – Ani of the people of Yusufiyah, represents the state of the South . 

5. The so – called Abu Abdullah al – Issawi [the state of the South]. 

6. Deputy Minister of war called [Abu Qaswarah. 

7. so – called deputy battalion glutinous administrator. 

8. named Abu Taha al – Azzawi [married to the sister of Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi, the statement revealed that [ Azzawi] has a direct connection with the so – called Sheikh Ahmed Hassan Abu al- Kheir, deputy al – Zawahiri – al – Qaeda, which seeks to improve the relationship between the Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi and Ayman al – Zawahiri , and the fate of Abu Mohammed Joulani Front victory official inauguration of al – Baghdadi , Syria and Iraq. 

9. responsible for the desert battalion [ the state of the Euphrates]. ” 

10 security charge categorically Karabilah. 

11. Abu Ishaq al – Jubouri, deputy for the state of North Baghdad. 

12. Abu Yahya Moroccan Deputy Wali of goodness. 

13. Wali of the Euphrates. 

The statement pointed out that” among the terrorists killed they were foreigners from Russia, Chechnya and the Caucasus. ” 

it was a terrorist named Abu Mohammed Joulani , leader of the so – called [Front victory] affiliated with al – Qaeda in Syria, announced on Thursday, the cancellation of work on behalf of the [Front victory and the formation of a new entity called [Fatah al – Sham in index on defecting from al – Qaida leadership and al – Zawahiri.


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