Donor support would not include the compensation of the displaced, the United Nations is seeking to ensure the stability of the liberated areas


Displaced people from the northern regions of Salahuddin in a camp for them in Baiji


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

, The Ministry of Displacement and Migration, said Thursday that the financial support provided by donor countries for Iraq will be allocated for relief to the displaced and will not include compensation for physical damage, while the United Nations has indicated that it seeks to ensure stability in the liberated areas.

The Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed, during a joint press conference with the United Nations representative for Humanitarian Affairs Lisa Grande was held at the headquarters of the ministry and attended (range Press), “The support to be provided by donor countries for Iraq will be allocated for the relief of displaced persons only, and will not include compensation for physical damage to their homes.” .

He said Mohammed, that “the financial problems facing Iraq and the United Nations,” stressing that “the financial problems will not prevent the delivery of humanitarian aid to the displaced people to ease the suffering caused to them.”

For her part, Humanitarian Affairs, represented by the United Nations Lisa Grande, said that “donor countries earmarked two billion dollars to help Iraq,” asserting that “the United Nations efforts are in restoring stability to areas of Ramadi, Haditha, Hit, wet and Fallujah, part of the first phase, which aims to re-stabilize areas newly liberated. “

The US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, announced in the July 21, 2016, to obtain the support of Iraq’s $ 2.1 billion in humanitarian aid conference, he confirmed that $ 450 million of the amount will be allocated for humanitarian support, as pointed out that Washington is the first contributor to the the support.


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