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BAGHDAD / Economy News …

Yasser incumbent
The value of the initiative undertaken by the Central Bank of Iraq trillion dinars customize it for unemployed youth to add to his previous initiatives and $ 6 trillion Danarkkarod development.
These loans are an effective means for converting the convictions of young people from clinging to the general functions and rely on government jobs, which has become not accommodate all the graduates on the one hand as she soaked unemployment compelling and Atabh is unprecedented.
Sami goal requires a focus on young people to make Leto Jhon entrepreneurship and private, in contrast, binding the state to achieve this objective to support and encourage entrepreneurial institutions and oblige the adoption of youth products in their small businesses.
The problem of the private sector is dumping the product commodity and import everything the question, either it is time to reform trade policies and import Ahdid?
The culture of dependence on the state of which it is enshrined in the availability of retired law guaranteeing the rights of the employee and his future at the end of the service means to speed up enactment of the Social Security Act parallel with the retirement law if it can not be merged.
Eight employee productivity and the estimated percentages shameful is pushing other choice but Saulh such a culture Mottagaas make young people do not like the work requires reform of employee productivity and combat numbness unacceptable.
Reiterate that such initiatives which fall in the data about the state of reform in return require work to make it successful by addressing. Curves that some departments deliberately placed to block any successful experiment.
The salvation of the state of inaction is paying the private sector to lead productive file and economic deal being a trawl according to productivity and this Mulla work whereby the state.
We wish the central support for the initiative of unemployed young people to achieve their objectives and requirements and the requirements of success to change the deal and deal with the public positions firmly and accelerate the achievement of administrative reform as a complement to economic reform
Eight implementation of these loans must be fully transparent and simplified mechanisms provided loans to go Alhpappalatl especially graduates adoption of Statistics and the Ministry of Planning. From our side, we will follow up the results to induce the expansion covered by the future

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