Transport Minister announces the ministry is ready to open the door for investment for the implementation of the port of Faw


Abdul-Hussein-Abtan (1)

The Minister of Transport Agency Abdul Hussain Abtan, the ministry is ready to open the door for investment firms and foreign Alcilah in the port of Faw in Basra province.

He Abtan, on Wednesday, during his speech at the workshop which was held for companies wishing to invest in the port of Faw in Basra province, said that “Basra is the first fruits, local government and the citizens of Basra them priority in such strategic projects that are held on the land of the province, and is supposed to be working at full as you can to complete this project. “

He added that “the available opportunities that Basra would be present for the investment and participation, and were not we proceed to complete the project will benefit the citizens of Basra operation projects in the right way and provides job opportunities.”

The Minister of Transportation agency that “the Ministry of Transport and the Investment Authority is willing to cooperate and start investing and opening the doors of this gigantic project of strategic federal government.”

He added that “We expect the companies attending and non-attending local companies and the Iraqi ministries interact with this project and proceed to complete it.”

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