Parliamentary Finance calls for the central bank to observe the private banks


Economy News / Baghdad …

Parliamentary Finance Committee called on Wednesday, the Iraqi Central Bank to private banks monitor and evaluate its performance.
Committee Chairman Faleh force, in a statement, “Economy News” received a copy of it, that “private banks is a key pillar of the economic side and need to be addressed,” noting that “economic progress meter comes through the presence of infrastructure and unfortunately did not play functions that the foundations for it the primary objective of obtaining benefits through the auction and buy and sell the currency market and this is not considered a major activity but a secondary her as she did not support the private sector. “
He said in effect, “the central bank private banks monitor and evaluate their performance, and if performance is mediocre must abolish or merge with another of the banks.”
He continued, that “The bank loans that relate to (housing, agriculture and industry), the central bank took the initiative out money which is 5 dinars Trleuen the specialized banks as (agricultural and industrial real estate).”
He pointed out, “the existence of projects given to the private sector through the sums of money and you grant to give grants or small loans Grants and huge development projects, these of specialized banks, the task of which is doing the job through the form so that we can pick ourselves up economic reality in the country.”

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