Transport Minister announces the ministry is ready to open the door for investment for the implementation of the port of Faw


Abdul-Hussein-Abtan (1)

The Minister of Transport Agency Abdul Hussain Abtan, the ministry is ready to open the door for investment firms and foreign Alcilah in the port of Faw in Basra province.

He Abtan, on Wednesday, during his speech at the workshop which was held for companies wishing to invest in the port of Faw in Basra province, said that “Basra is the first fruits, local government and the citizens of Basra them priority in such strategic projects that are held on the land of the province, and is supposed to be working at full as you can to complete this project. “

He added that “the available opportunities that Basra would be present for the investment and participation, and were not we proceed to complete the project will benefit the citizens of Basra operation projects in the right way and provides job opportunities.”

The Minister of Transportation agency that “the Ministry of Transport and the Investment Authority is willing to cooperate and start investing and opening the doors of this gigantic project of strategic federal government.”

He added that “We expect the companies attending and non-attending local companies and the Iraqi ministries interact with this project and proceed to complete it.”

Kubis infallible and discuss community reconciliation and the efforts of post-Daash


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[Where – Baghdad]
Search President Fuad Masum, on Wednesday, with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq , Jan Kubiš community reconciliation and the efforts of post – Daash terrorist gangs.
According to a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “President of the Republic Fuad Masum , received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, on Wednesday , the Special Representative of theSecretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq , Jan Kubiš and discussed with him the most important efforts of the international community to assist Iraq in reconstruction and community reconciliation plans as well as the war against terrorism and file of the displaced and ways to strengthen national understanding. ”
He infallible during the meeting , according to the statement, that” Iraq needs the concerted efforts of all national parties and the international community not only to the stage of liberalization of Mosul as a prelude to totally eliminate all terrorist groups on its territory , but also needs for the post – Daash to ensure thereconstruction of the country, unity and sovereignty over its territory and its progress towards therighteousness of peace and progress , saying that all the components of Iraqi society ensure understanding and mutual support to block any return however limited for terrorist groups and incitements to their country. ”
the statement pointed out that” the meeting dealt with the activities of the United Nations assistance Mission for Iraq [UNAMI] in the last period, the transfer of Jan Kubiš praised the international community for Iraq ‘srecent military victories against terrorism and congratulate the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural resolution [UNESCO] the inclusion of the Iraqi marshlands file within the list of UNESCO World heritage Site and stressing the continuation of UNESCO ‘s efforts to support projects Iraq in this regard. ”

Kurdish lawmaker reveals a planned visit by adelegation from the province to Baghdad


Wednesday July 27, 2016 12:47
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Alsormah News / Baghdad
MP from the Kurdistan Democratic Party Arafat Karam, Wednesday, about the existence of a planned visit by a political delegation from Kurdistan to Baghdad, adding that the visit comes in to resolve outstanding issues between the government and the region, likely to be a dialogue between the parties “tough” and either share the Kurds in the decision or independence.

Karam said in an interview with Alsumaria News for, “there will be a visit of a political delegation from the Kurdistan region to Baghdad,” noting that “the date of the visit has not yet been determined, but will include a talk about the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, the Kurds, including entitlements.”

He said Karam, that “the visit will be after the unification of the Kurdish house, and there are understandings and dialogues and discussions extensive taking place in the region to form a delegation to come to Baghdad,” he said, adding that “to talk about controversial issues, it will be tough, and either be Iraqis real participants political decision and our positions as Iraqis or the emergence of the union between Iraq and Kurdistan separate any two or independence. “

The head of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani called on Thursday (June 23, 2016), politicians Kurds to take action soon to unite the political attitude towards the referendum and independence in the region, while expressed his refusal to sacrifice the “right to self-determination” for the “partisan conflicts.”

Jan Kubiš: it must be a priority of the Kurds currently fighting Daash and not independence



By Roudao one hour ago
يان كوبيتش
Jan Kubiš

Roudao – New York

Jan Kubiš, is the special envoy of the United Nations to Iraq, and this is the highest official of the international organization in Iraq, speaks Kubiš, in this interview conducted with him by Roudao Media Network, a range of issues, including relations between Erbil and Baghdad, and the financial crisis in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq and thefuture of Iraq after the war ended with Daash, and theindependence of the province of Kurdistan in particular.

Roudao: According to information we have obtained to Britain and a number of other members of the UN Security Council demanded a change in the priority of UN programs in Iraq, butit is said that you do not prefer to do these changes, particularly with respect to revenue through greater powers by the UN Security Council, in order to resolve theoutstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad problems?

Jan Kubiš: I see that the current program is good enough, and contains all the tools and mechanisms for I can work in all necessary areas, it is clear to me how I help governments, people, and how I support the war against Daash, and I support human rights and how I help in securing the basic needs of the affected people, and support the development agenda, as well as how to work with countries in the region and the international community, of this vision, I think there is no need for a change in the work program, but must make a change in how to implement the program and its mechanisms, if I am not mistaken, this is the vision of a number of security Council members international, and that the concepts and my reading of the situation.

Roudao: But the critics say, that the United Nations program in Iraq is not as effective as it should, do not you think he should be the UN Security Council gives you greater powers,the United States playing the role of the largest player in Iraq, what prevents the UN to do the same role?

Kubiš: I think there is a misunderstanding, the beginning must be reforms and agreements political leaders to coordinate, in consultation with civil society organizations and citizens, the situation is not chaotic form that requires UN control over everything, Iraq, a democratic state, there are representatives of the people in Parliament, and have powers political all the tools, we help them in this area, by trying to organize talks between the political forces, as well as providing facilities for treatments between Baghdad and Erbil, I repeat that the UN Programme of action, suitable to achieve this goal, if you look at the work of my colleagues in the various areas, see that they have no activities in Arbil, Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk only, but also in a number of other Iraqi cities, we offer great facilities of the Iraqi political forces, with regard to heart, we are trying to put forward our proposals and our attitude to get rid of those crises.

Roudao: You have published in the past week, a detailed report on the war with Daash, to the UN Security Council, butthe question is what next ?, Daash Does the international community have no plan for Iraq after Daash? Are there any talks between Arbil and Baghdad are now on the future ofIraq?

Kubiš: I think that the existence of discussions between Erbil and Baghdad is now on the future of Iraq is important, but it is not the duty of the international community to impose solutions on a sovereign state, we can provide our thoughts, if you look at the data provided by the Council of International Security, you can see clearly what messages, such as national reconciliation, harmony and justice, and many other topics, we have our ideas and our proposals, but most of all it is a dialogue between the conflicting parties, I think we should learn a lesson from the emergence of terrorists Daash, initially occupied large areas of Iraq, without any resistance from the inhabitants of those areas, and the fact that reflected the situation, is to realize the people that he does not Daash no future for them, and now people are taking part in the war against Daash, it may be true indicator of finding solutions in the future, what you should do now is to find a solution taking into account the claims and needs of all people without distinction between Sunnis and Shiites, Kurds, Christians and Yazidis, you must treat them equally, there must be justice, it must be preparations for the form in which the power granted them to all the different components, and that is formed with them the feeling that they are holders of power and they’re deciding on their fate and they can make decisions with the central government over the future of the country.

Roudao: Peshmerga forces now control areas that are called disputed areas, including the city of Kirkuk, Do you think there is a need for the return of Iraqi troops to Kirkuk and other areas after the end of the war with Daash?

Kubiš: must apply the Constitution, there is the Iraqi Constitution contains all the details.

Roudao: come together a lot with the Kurds leaders, includingthe President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, the Prime Minister and other senior leaders of the Patriotic Union ofKurdistan and the other parties, would you say you they wantto secede from Iraq? Do you think that the Kurds Sastgulwn for Iraq before the end of the war with Daash?

Kubiš: You know, as required under the Constitution, must find solutions to this kind of problem, certainly to address these problems is part of Ajindatna, we believe that to solve all the problems must start a dialogue, you must try to find solutions to some very important problems, which will be increasingly important after Daash, in other words, all the political leaders in Baghdad and Erbil are now thinking in the post-Daash, this issue will not end, must conduct extensive dialogue in all parts of Iraq, the United Nations stands ready to help as much as you can, and provides facilities for the success of the negotiations, sending legal experts to Iraq also .

Roudao: Do you think that the Kurds Sastgulwn for Iraq before the end of the war with Daash? Because it can be seen from your words that he must be a priority of the Kurds fight Daash, do you think that the Kurds will wait until the end of the war with Daash?

Kubiš: No one can deny that he noticed all the conferences and meetings that the Kurds great ambitious independence of Kurdistan, every time you talk to them with the Kurds, they would say that the biggest goal is independence, and it’s obvious the other, is that most of the political forces and the citizens of the Kurds, understand that there are several priorities, several large and duties to the Iraqi people and its components, including the province of Kurdistan, the first priority is to defeat Daash, still Daash poses a significant threat to all the components, if we saw the ideology and actions of brutal Daash, we know he must, above all, the elimination of this threat, and the second priority, if they were talking to people, they are expressing their ambitions, long-term ambitions, but what is the concern at the moment? Concern the financial and social situation, the financial crisis and lack of salaries, you can visit Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, as well as Basra, Baghdad and Kirkuk, to see what is the concern of the people, and besides that, you find in some Iraqi cities, security concerns, and let’s not forget the humanitarian situation, such as reflections the advent of hundreds of thousands to the Kurdistan region, this is a heavy burden, from the right that the people of Kurdistan have this ambition, but in my opinion, should be at this time to think about what the priorities, as well as to encourage political leaders to solve the main problems, first and foremost Daash threats.
What I hear from the political forces, it is that there are several problems now, but they explicitly express its position to think about the mechanics and the date of the Declaration of Independence, given this situation, we can know how they think, the dominant thinking on Kurdish politicians.

Roudao: In the month of June, across a number of members of the Security Council during a meeting, expressed concern about the expected role of Turkey in the battle of therestoration of Mosul, how will Turkey ‘s role in the battle, you will participate and if they do not participate Do Turkish troops would remain in Ba’shiqah during the operation?

Kubiš: in regards to the participation of any external force in the fight against Daash Iraq, we must look to the principles of the protection of the sovereignty and unity of Iraq, this is the basis of everything, as well as is practical to respect Iraq’s sovereignty and unity basis, we want to fight all the forces in Iraq against Daash, and in this case, determining the role of Turkey as a strong partner in the international coalition war against Daash, needs to hold consultations between Ankara and Baghdad, and that’s what we encourage him, I am pleased to say here that there are several developments in the liberation of Mosul plans, closer now to the second phase, the results of dialogues and discussions task too, and I have no doubt that the plans will reach an agreement, as I said that Turkey is a strong party against Daash, and will continue fighting at a high level, to see war waged by Turkey against the Daash in Syria, confirming all the indications that Ankara will continue to fight Daash, ie it will be to reach a solution on this issue, I have no doubt about that.

Roudao: Let’s talk about other crises, is the distribution ofcommon salaries between the governments of Arbil and Baghdad a problem, there is a kind of mystery about thecauses of this crisis, it may be returned reasons for this crisis to a decline in oil prices in New York, but there Mutnon in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, attribute this to corruption and mismanagement, why the United Nations did not put pressure on Baghdad and Erbil in earnest until now to find asolution to the problem of corruption?

Kubiš: But we do this work, you may not have the information in this regard, the United Nations is working on an ongoing basis through a joint program with our international partners and international financial institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, with officials in Baghdad and Erbil, we had a constructive dialogue on the necessary reforms, We have sent experts to Iraq, we support them to develop a reform plan, we did so in Arbil and Baghdad, we raised a lot of plans, for example, the plan that we presented to Irbil to coordinate with the UN and the World Bank, we worked on the reforms in the management of financial, economic and social sectors, it has been taking all those steps, ie, that the United Nations played a role in the provision of expert technical assistance.

Roudao: There are no indications that high oil prices close to what it was in the past, according to your experience and your discussions with international bodies, what are your recommendations to the governments in Baghdad and Erbil, to minimize the effects of the crisis salaries at the very least?

Kubiš: This is a priority, but it is necessary to carry out economic reforms, so that the financial system more effectively work, showed the governments of Baghdad and Erbil determination to reform, there are many areas that have been identified to conduct reforms in, the duty of the governments in Baghdad and Erbil now have to tread toward ensures people take advantage and the second point, also spoke of you, we received reports from Baghdad and Erbil indicate the existence of several corruption cases must be resolved, people must know clearly what happens, there should be transparency in the management of public finances, the time will know how people are disbursement of public money whatsoever a little bit in the general budget, to be informed by the revenue obtained by the Erbil and Baghdad from the sale of oil, so the transparency is very important.

Who is Jan Kubiš?

Kahn, secretary general of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe between the years 1999-2005.

-chgl As Special Representative of the European Union in Central Asia for a year.

-toly The post of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia in 2006 for a period of three years.

At the years 2009 to 2011 he served as Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

-asubh Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations mission to help Afghanistan from 2011 to 2014.

-beshr His work in the office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Mission to help Iraq (UNAMI) February 5 since 2015.

Abtan: Faw port will provide a decent living for the people of Basra are generally


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[Where – Basra]
Transport Minister agency Abdul Hussein Abtan, said on Wednesday that “Faw port project will provide adecent living for the people of Basra in general.
He said Abtan during the workshop work to complete the project port of Faw, in a speech seen by all of Iraq [where] it, ” The port of Faw will provide a decent living for the people of Basra, and Basra , the first fruits, the local government and the citizens of Basra them priority in such strategic projects that are held on theland of the province, and is supposed to work as much as possible to complete this project. ”
He pointed out that” the opportunities if there Basra will be present for investment and participation and were not proceed to complete the projects and take advantage of Basra and its citizens from the operation of the projects properly and provide employment opportunities. ”
He continued ” The local government and the federal government represented by the Ministry of transport and the investment Authority is willing to cooperate and start investing and opening the doors of this gigantic project strategic , ” calling for “international and local companies and ministries to interact with the project and starting to complete it .”