Finance approve exceptions to energy projects and complexes for the displaced


Economy News / Baghdad …

Approved Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, on Wednesday, the exceptions with regard to energy projects and building complexes for the displaced.
A statement by the Ministry of Finance “Economy News” received a copy of the “Committee on Economic Affairs, its ninth meeting held today under the chairmanship of Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari and Post Zeraltkhotait and Governor of the Central Bank and the Adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Director General of the Legal Department in the Prime Minister’s Office During the session, the meeting discussed topics economic nature in order to maximize the financial resources of the state, including contributing to moving the wheel of the Iraqi economy, and make decisions that deal with the provision of services to citizens, including the approval of the exceptions pertaining to energy projects and Binamjmat serve the displaced people. “
“It has to refer a number of topics to investigative committees and the Integrity Commission for violating the guidelines and instructions, including contributing to the fight against financial and administrative corruption.”


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