Abadi Office: Presidency of the parliament rushed introduced a House bill without legal review [Expanded]


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spokesman for the Information Office of Prime Minister Saad al – Hadithi , the Presidency of the Council ofRepresentatives rushed the bill to the Council without sufficient legal review.
According to Sabri said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday , “we applaud the efforts of the security and intelligence agencies that foiled four attempts suicide targeting civilians in a number of areas of Baghdad,” adding that “security forces had hunted down and killed some ofthem and arresting on others, and that these efforts and sacrifices made by our armed forces and our security is to protect civilians and save them from the evils of terrorism and the liberation of Iraq ‘s cities and the return of displaced people to it. ”
He stressed newborn” the cabinet denies attributed to the chairman of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives statement regarding the House bill , where that the bill was not sent by the cabinet at all and that the Council of Ministers objected to any additional privileges and considers it a violation of thereforms passed, which abolished the previous privileges , “calling for the House of Representatives to cooperate and not to add new financial concessions for the Council.”
and that ” the Constitution said the powers of all powers not provides for the enactment of the work of the House of Representatives, but the text that lays the House of Representatives as well as the Council ofMinisters rules of procedure and organize its work and therefore, the law legislation above has no constitutional justification for what was to preside over the House of Representatives of urgency in thepresentation of the bill to the Council without adequate legal review. ”
he went on saying that ” the Council of Ministers issued at its recent series of decisions that are in theservice of the citizen and the revitalization of the Iraqi economy and raise the level of services provided to the Iraqis, including the desalination project and address the problem of salinity and provide drinking water to the people of the province of Basra, and the creation of infrastructure for water projects and other sanitation for all of Iraq ‘s provinces Using soft loans , low interest rate and long repayment and the roof offinancing up to $ 15 billion in cooperation with reputable and specialized support of the British government ‘sinternational companies and in coordination with the Iraqi government. ”
He pointed out that” the Council of Ministers support the agricultural sector by supporting farmers and handed over financial dues through converting Treasury bonds to financial liquidity, as well as exchange seeds season agricultural next to support agriculture and job creation by the Council of Ministers ‘ decision at its meeting yesterday to complement its previous resolutions “.mnoha that” the subject of waste processors and the importance of this file because of its negative impact on the health and environmental level , and directed the government to be addressed by investing through the formation of a supreme body to develop an integrated vision for the completion of this file with the participation of all the provinces. ”
He stressed newborn that” the income tax on the salaries of categories covered by the topic is still under discussion no decision had been implemented as the current law requires the tax on nominal salary and provisions together while the current actual application is deducting the tax on nominal salary only and that ‘s where a clear violation of the law and Aahakq justice for the owners of salary minimum and therefore should be reviewed to achieve justice and fairness in the application of the law , without affecting the low -income or arrange extra them the consequences. ”
he concluded by saying that “Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi keen to fill in the blanks in the number of ministries as a result of the resignation of its ministers and acceptance of the resignation as soon as possible , especially since these ministries are key ministries and in direct contact with the lives of citizens and must be managed ministers my own name , engaged in their work where all the powers that Julhm them law to improve the quality of government performance and provide better service to the citizen and theapplication of the government ‘s reform program , “noting that” Abadi now working on completing this file through solicit the views of the political forces to formulate an agreed mechanism regarding the nomination criteria and access to provide the names of are able to take responsibility and – sustaining the best face, and to ensure the necessary parliamentary support. ”


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